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Akshaya Tritiya and Investment in Gold

Akshaya Tritiya the day at which one can invest in gold. It is believed that anything invested in Akshaya Tritiya will be with you forever or that investment will never perish or diminish. The word Akshaya Tritiya is derived from Sanskrit which denoted the things never diminish. The day of  Akshaya Tritiya happened in the third day after Amavasi (no moon) in the Hindu month of Vaishakha and this year, In 2012, it is 24th April. 

There are so many events are connected with Akshaya Tritiya and the important among all is that it is the birth day of Lord Parasurama .  The day Akshaya Tritiya is considered as the day at which one can invest in valuable things especially in Gold. The value of gold never diminishes and it is increasing day by day. People believe that if gold or any valuable investment brought in their house on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, the whole year will be good and prosperous. So people wish to buy Gold or any valuable items on Akshaya Tritiya.

People especially Indians believed that in Akshaya Tritiya, the full day is good for all type of wealth accumulation. Gold is considered as a good investment and for Indians gold is related with all important opportunities of their life such as marriage and other ceremonies. They also believe that the day Akshaya Tritiya is blessed with Goddess of wealth. So people wish to buy gold or any valuable things in Akshaya Tritiya.

Gold merchants and jewelry owners try to sell maximum gold in that day. They made all effort to harvest from this occasion. In this condition we can think various methods to buy and keep gold in safe custody. You can buy gold in physical quantity or other form of gold.

1. Gold bars or gold coins: This is the best way of investing in pure gold. You can bring gold in this prime form and can keep in your home in the form of Gold coins or gold bars. Now you can buy pure gold coins or gold bars form banks, post office and other reputed gold traders. Whenever you want to sell it off you can sell in any reputed gold merchant. Keep bills as proof of ownership. You can check the purity of gold with electronic gold purity analyser and it is quiet easy to analyse the gold. This analyser is available with all reputed gold merchants or jewelry.

2. Gold ornaments: This is the common form of investment in gold and people wish to wear gold and it increases the beauty of the person who wears such ornaments. Wearing gold ornaments is not a fashion; it is a necessity in certain occasions. When you buy gold you can use the purity analyser, but when the gold ornaments are made some copper or silver is added with it and it decreases the quality of gold. This is not an adulteration, when making gold ornaments adding copper or silver is necessary.

3. Gold Exchange Traded Funds: This is the safest form of investment in Gold. You can invest in these gold trading mutual funds and when you wish to sell you can get the same value of pure gold. This is convenient and safest method of investing in Gold.

4. Online trading of Gold: You can buy and sell gold through online trading platforms such as stock trading or forex trading and can make profit out of it.

5. Buying shares of Gold mines:  You can make profit from gold by investing in shares of gold mines which will gives you profit in the form of dividend and can accumulate wealth from the growth of such investment.

So in this Akshaya Tritiya, 24th April, 2012 buy a piece of wealth by investing in any form of gold and get benefited from discount or bonus offer from Gold merchants.

Akshaya Tritiya and Investment in Gold

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