Saturday, 7 April 2012

An Inspirational Easter Greetings

Easter brings us happy and joy. It is really a victory of life over death. The risen Lord gives us hope and expectations which lead us to victory. From each fall we must learn to rise. From each loss we should gain. Here our journey of investment, from nothing to everything, we must be hopeful to attain our goals, our financial goals.

Jesus Christ was hopeful when he was crucified, because he had a foresight. As an investor we also should have foresight. If we know where we would fall, we can be cautious. But we should be able to anticipate a fall as early as possible.

Warren buffet, the famous investment guru could anticipate the fall and rise of stock market and he wins every time. If we know that there is a trap, we can avoid that trap. Experience is the best teacher. Get enough experience to win always.

I f you want to get enough experience, you must face problems. After a few losses you will learn to win. Here in this Easter season, we investmentsand wish all our readers and visitors a happy and hopeful Easter. May the risen Lord always bless you to win throughout your life. 

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