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How to avail LTC or Leave Travel Concession

LTC or Leave Travel Concession is a benefit given by the employer to the employee. It is meant for travel to home town or anywhere else as per the rules and regulation of LTC. The home town is the declared by the employee and at the same time it should be accepted by the controlling officer. At least one year service on the date of journey is required to avail LTC. LTC is allowed for the employee and his or her family. But if the employee is under suspension the family can avail LTC, not the suspended employee. LTC is allowed to any family member or group of family members who are entitled for LTC. LTC can combine with journey on tour or transfer. On should claim LTC within 3 months from the date of completion of journey and if the advance is taken the final bill should produce within one month of the completion of the journey. 

LTC to Home Town

This LTC is allowed for journey to Home Town only once in a block of two years. This block year started from 1956-57 and the current block year for LTC to home town is 2010-11.

LTC to anywhere in India

LTC also allowed to anywhere in India in a block year of four years. For this purpose the block year started from 1974-77 and the current block year is 2010-13. This anywhere in India means any place within India in mainland and overseas. LTC is allowed to all family members together to one place or separately to various places. This anywhere in India may be your home town also. Some family members can avail LTC to anywhere in India while others are availing LTC to home town.  You have to declare the place in advance for all India LTC and the place may be changed with the consent of the controlling officer before journey and you must visit the declared place for getting LTC.

With which leave LTC can avail

LTC can avail with any leave whether it is Earned Leave, Casual Leave, Study leave, maternity leave and paternity leave.

Mode of Transport

LTC can avail any mode of Transport such as Railway, Road, Air or Ship.

LTC Reimbursement

The amount which one can get back as LTC is the fare charges for the entitled class or actually travelled class whichever is less and around 90% of the reimbursement may be granted as LTC advance.

LTC entitlement

The entitlement of LTC as per 6th Central Pay Commission is for those who have a grade pay of Rs. 2400, Rs. 2600 and Rs. 2800 can avail Second Class AC railway fare.

Those who have a grade pay less than Rs. 2400 can avail Three Tier AC, First Class or AC-Chair Car railway fare.

Those who have a grade pay between Rs. 5400 and Rs. 6600 the LTC entitlement is Economy Class by air/AC II tier by train.

If the grade pay is between Rs. 7600 to Rs. 8900 the LTC entitlement is Economy Class by air/ AC First Class by train

Those who have a grade pay of Rs. 10,000 and above can avail Business /Club class by air/AC First Class by Train.

No entitlement of LTC

IF the government servant is a spouse of an employee in Railways or National Airlines, such employee cannot avail LTC.

IF the employee is under suspension only his or her family members can avail LTC.

LTC cannot admissible for a journey in private car whether it is owned or hired by the employee.

If the employee resigns from duty while on leave cannot avail LTC.

The abovementioned rules should be followed for getting LTC reimbursement. So follow these rules carefully for not rejecting your application for LTC claim.

 How to avail LTC or Leave Travel Concession

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