Thursday, 31 May 2012

10 Tips to save money for your Holiday Shopping

Holiday shoppingHoliday is a thrilling experience which you enjoy with your family. Just avoid the monotonous routine works and spend away from your place. You may leave for your native place or any other holiday spots. Really enthusiastic and now I can assume your thrill and enjoyment. I am also in a holiday mood when I write this article. But holidays are expensive and it may eat out a good part of your annual savings.  The first step you have to cut holiday cost is in holiday shopping. Holiday shopping I mean is the shopping before and in between the holiday. Followings are the ten tips you can save money for your holiday shopping.

1. Start holiday shopping early: This is the first money-saving tip on you holiday shopping that you should start holiday shopping quite early than the holiday season come. During holiday season things may  costly and you have to pay more for the same things you could buy cheap early. So plan your holiday shopping early and get all things with low-cost.

2. Prepare and recheck your gift list: During holidays and when you come back after holidays you may have to give gifts to your friends and relatives. You plan such gifts and the name of the persons you have to give gift. Avoid unnecessary gifts and to unnecessary people from your gift list. If you will not see a person for the year, you can avoid such person from giving gifts. Remember that gift is  affordable, memorable and usable. Gift is not valued by its cost, but its usefulness and the loving memory of the person it gives out. I got a digital B.P Checker which may cost around $50 as a gift from my sister abroad and it is still usable as I am a high blood pressure patient.

3. Plan your holiday budget and stick around it: Before leaving for holidays make a budget and keep that budget strictly to avoid overspending. This planning may cut unnecessary holiday shopping expenses.

4. Try to avoid credit card for holiday shopping: When you shop for holidays use your debit card or liquid cash. This may avoid the tendency of purchasing unnecessary items. This will help you to stick around your holiday budget.

5. Make gifts yourself to save money: When you go for holiday the gifts you give out during the trip you can give self-made gifts to save a lot of money. You can make sweaters, handy craft items etc with very low expenditure.

 6. Avoid gifts for yourself: It is not necessary that you buy a gift for self. You may get gifts from others during holidays. So avoid overspending for self gift.

7. Use cheaper packing for gifts: The packing you use for gifts are not usable again and normally it may throw out. So reduce packing expenses to save your money.

8. Avoid greeting cards: You may avoid greeting cards etc. in holiday season especially on Christmas season. Now all are using internet and you can sent a beautiful e-card free of cost.

9. Use home-made food: If possible, use home-made food during holidays which may cut your holiday expenses up to a certain extent.

10. Purchase inexpensive items: You can cut holiday shopping expenses by purchasing inexpensive items. Some items may cost cheaper in the place where you go for holidays and some items may  inexpensive at the place where you live. Buy such items from inexpensive places to avoid overspending.

If you keep all the above money-saving tips in your holiday shopping you can enjoy a wonderful holiday with least cost. Your annual savings will save and can use for satisfying your financial plans. You can keep your holiday budget and can save money. So enjoy a wonderful holiday with your family.

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