Friday, 4 May 2012

AICPIN for the month of March 2012 is 201

AICPIN or All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial workers for the month of March 2012 is published by the ministry of Labour and employment. This time the AICPIN is increased by 2 points and stood at 201. For the month of Februray 2012 it was 199. The inflation continues to be going up and this time there is a jump of two points.

AICPIN (IW) is calculated on the basis of the price variation in necessary consumable items such as rice, wheat, meat, egg, vegetables, edible oil, tobacco and many more daily using items.

When considering point to point inflation the highest increase in Index Number of 7 points recorded in Bhilwara, Vijaywada and Salem centers and the least increase of 1 point recorded in 19 centers. The highest decrease of two points in Index number is recorded in Tripura center.

Index number of six major centers for the months of January, February and March 2102 are recorded as follows:-

Centers                          Jan 2012    Feb 2012     March 2102

1. Ahmadabad       -       192               196              201

2. Bangalore          -        200               204              206

3. Chennai              -        187               186               187

4. Delhi                    -        181                182               185

5. Kolkata               -        184                186               190

6. Mumbai              -        199                200               204 

When considering Dearness allowance to government employees Index number is the main factor which reflects the cost of living of people in various places. AICPIN (IW) is considered for fixing dearness allowance to central government employees. This time the Dearness allowance of 65% is fixed for central government employees with effect from 01st January, 2012.

AICPIN for the month of February 2012 is 199

AICPIN For the month of January 2012 is 198

Expected D.A (Dearness Allowance) next installment


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