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AICPIN-IW for the month of May 2012 is 206

All India Consumer price index numbers for the month of May 2012 is published by the Labour Bureau of the Ministry of Labour. This is one point increase from the AICPIN of April 2012. AICPIN for the month of April 2012 was 205 and it was 4 point increase from March 2012. 206 shows that the inflation rate is comparatively low when compare with April, 2012.

AICPIN (IW) for the month of May 2012 is based on 2001=100. 


The maximum increase in index numbers of 6 point recorded in Belgam, Jharia and Coonoor centers the least increase of one point in 5 centers. In 14 centers the index numbers remain steady.

The AICPIN is calculated on the basis of changes in the prices of daily using items such as rice, wheat, atta, vegetables, cotton, sugar and other related things.

Centers                             Jan      Feb       March    April   May

1. Ahmadabad       –       192       196       201         202       205

2. Bangalore          -        200      204       206        209       212

3. Chennai              -        187       186        187         190       192

4. Delhi                    -        181       182        185         188       189

5. Kolkata               -        184       186        190        196        197

6. Mumbai              -        199       200       204        208      208 

In metropolitan cities Ahmadabad, Bangalore & Chennai shows 2 point increase from the consumer price index of April 2012. Delhi & Kolkata have only one point increase and Mumbai is remaining the same index number of April 2012.

Point to point inflation based on CPI-IW for May 2012 is 10.16% and it was 10.22% in April, 2012.

Dearness allowance of central government employees is based on AICPIN-IW and the expected D.A for next installment is 7%, i.e., D.A from July 2012 is 7%

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AICPIN (IW) for the month of April, 2012 is 205

Friday, 29 June 2012

7 things must remember about life insurance policy

We know the importance of a life insurance coverage policy as we want to make sure that our loved ones are taken care of when we die. But do some research so you'll be sure to get the best possible coverage at the right price. Here are some helpful tips: 

1. Purchase for your a life insurance coverage

2. Never go for more insurance cover you actually do not need

3. Join an insurance policy as soon as possible

4. Know that you must check your insurance cover

5. Monthly premium pays more than an annual premium

6. The life insurance offer by the employer may not give enough life cover 


It is better to look around for choose a good life insurance coverage policy, because there are various life insurance products and life insurance companies. And thanks to the Internet, it's now easier than ever. Make sure the website considers the factors in your medical history that can affect the premiums. 


You must choose the right life insurance policy which is enough to meet your life insurance needs. When you join with a life insurance policy take enough life coverage which could satisfy the financial needs of your family  at the event of your untimely death. 


A healthy person gets less premium that unhealthy person. Smoking, frequent medication, over weight etc attract high premium and high insurance cost. So avoid smoking and such unhealthy habits and cut your over-weight, do regular exercise and keep a good driving habit and enjoy low-cost life insurance. 


Purchase a life insurance policy only when you are in good health. If you are not well you have to complete more medical checkups and your insurance cost may be high. Your insurance policy application may reject when you are suffering fromsome kind of illness.


Review and renew your life insurance coverage when there is any major event in your life such as the birth of a child, marriage, divorce, death of a family member etc. You can increase or decrease the insurance cover and can manage your insurance cost. 


Almost all life insurance companies allow you to remit your insurance premium in monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually modes. But if you analyse the premium table you can easily understand that the monthly insurance premium mode pays more than other payments modes, When the number of premium reduced the total cost of insurance also reduced. So if possible go for an annual premium or half-yearly premium. Do you know that one time insurance premium pays very less than other options. 


Avoid such group life insurance premium offer from your employer. As a group life cover you could not get enough life cover. And if you change your job you could not bring your life cover form such a group life insurance policy.

Totally you must plan your life insurance policy and life cover. This is for the protection of your family. If you die at once your family may fall into uncertainty and financial dilemma. If you act wisely to join a suitable life insurance policy, you can lead a peaceful life here in this world and even the other end of the world.

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Global mutual funds to invest world-wide

Mutual funds are an excellent investment options for an investor who do not have enough experience in securities trading. Mutual funds managed by professional fund managers and the pooled money of investors professionally invested in various stocks and financial instruments. Now investors can get the benefit from the shares worldwide through global mutual funds. Global mutual funds can classify into global balanced funds and global equity funds.

Free Mutual Fund GuideThere are a lot of strong companies all over the world. An investor can get the benefit from the stocks of such strong companies around the world through global mutual funds. These funds invest the pooled money of investors in stocks and other financial products of companies in North America, Europe and Asia etc. Normally developed countries allow investors from all over the world to invest in their countries. They have various investment schemes and financial products to attract worldwide investors.

Global Balanced Funds: Global balanced funds invest money in stocks and various secured financial products all over the world. A part of its fund invests in bond markets in Asia, North America, and Europe etc. Even if the return from global balanced funds are comparatively less than global equity funds, but the possibility of getting a steady return is there. The risk involved in such global balanced fund is less, and for a long period, it can offer a steady growth or dividend. Bonds are low risk financial products and a substantial part of money from such global balanced funds invest in bonds only.

Global equity Funds: Global equity funds are similar to other equity mutual funds and the main difference is that here the pooled money of investors invest in stock exchanges, in different countries, including developed countries. The investor can get the benefit of diversification of investment in various companies in his own country and abroad. This is an excellent example of investment diversification. The investor gets a chance to diversify his investments through professional and qualified fund managers. Even though, the stock market is volatile nature and the risk of getting loss is extremely high as per other equity funds.

With global mutual fund, the investor gets a chance of trying his investments all over the world and can harvest worldwide, but remember that an investor should take all precautions as he invests in other mutual funds. The risk possibility is extremely high and analyzes the product thoroughly before investing. AGF International Value Fund, BPI Global Equity Fund and Fidelity International Portfolio Fund are some examples of

Global mutual funds

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Is Term Life Insurance Better Than Whole Life?

Term life insurance and whole life insurance are two competitive products in insurance industry. But there is a question among the insurance customers is that which one is better, whether it is Term-life insurance or whole life insurance. But these two policies have difference features and uses. Both term-life insurance and whole life insurance are pure insurance and there is no investment factor in it. Term-life insurance gives life-insurance cover for a particular tenure only, but whole life insurance gives a permanent life cover.

Life-insurance is not for the insurer but for the dependents of insured. If any unfortunate event, untimely death happened to the insurer, the sum assured is given to the dependents or nominee which is supposed to be a support to the dependents to overcome the financial loss due to the death of the insured.

Term life insurance policy

This is the simplest and pure form of insurance. The term-life insurance is for a special period only and the nominee get the sum assured only if the death of the insured is happened within the specified period. This may call temporary life-insurance. The insurance terms are varying from 5 years to 30 years and most of these policies can be converted to permanent life insurance policies.

Features of Term life polices:-

Lowest premium

High sum assured

Insurance cover for a predetermined period

Suitable to protect mortgage loans

Whole life insurance policy

Whole life insurance also called permanent life insurance. Just like its name the policy protects the insured for his or her whole life. The life cover may use for last expenses of the insured or for the retirement purpose. But the premium is high that term life insurance. The insurer can insure his life for a particular sum assured and the premium should pay accordingly. The insurer can choose onetime premium option also.

Features of Whole life policy:-

Insurance cover for whole life

Option for one time premium

Can use for final expenses

Can use for retirement income

Not for short period

Now the insurer can decide which one is better. But both are good for its special needs and circumstance. A term life insurancecan be converted to whole life insurance, if the terms and conditions of the insurance policy allows.

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Employment News 23 June – 29 June 2012 job highlights

Job highlights of Employment News 23rd June – 29th June 2012 are follows. This is for the convenience of our visitors and readers those who are looking for a good government job as per your qualification and experience. Employment News is a weekly published with government job vacancies. Just choose a suitable job from the following job list.

Border Security Force requires 959 Head Constable (Radio Operator) and Assistant Sub-Inspector (Radio Mechanic). Last Date: 27.07.2012.

Chandigarh Administration requires 409 Staff Nurses. Last Date of online application : 16.07.2012

Ordnance Parachute Factory, Kanpur requires 120 Group ‘C’ Industrial Establishment (IE) Posts. Last Date: 21 days after publication.

The Indian Army invites applications from Unmarried/Married Male and Unmarried Female (Including wards of battle casualties of Army Personnel) for grant of Short Service Commission. Vacancy- 58, Last Date: 19.07.2012.

The Indian Army invites applications for recruitment of 36 Religion Teachers. Last Date : 19.07.2012

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited invites applications for 50 Non-Supervisory Positions. Last Date for online submission: 30.06.2012

United Bank of India requires 44 Specialist Officers. Last Date for online Registration: 29.06.2012

North-Central Railway, Railway Recruitment Cell, Allahabad requires 31 Group ‘C’ posts against Sports Quota. Last Date : 23.07.2012

Archaeological Survey of India, Lucknow requires 16 Monument Attendant (Group ‘D’ Staff). Last Date : 15 days after publication.

Air India Ltd. requires Captains and First Officers. Last Date: 23.07.2012. 

The abovementioned job lists are the job highlights of Employment news (23 Jun - 29 Jun 2012). Apply for a suitable job before the last date. Read Current Employment News for detailed information about each government job vacancy.

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Saturday, 23 June 2012

How to manage finance and financial future our-self

All of us have our own dreams and ambitions. Some of them require financial involvement. We can call such dreams as our financial goals. A successful person must know how to manage his financial goals. The following things are helpful to manage our financial goals ourselves.

First of all we must know our present financial status. This is necessary to manage our finance and financial matters our self. We must know how much we got, our income or source of money, how much we spend, our all expenses and what financial crisis we are facing at present and our financial ambitions.

The second thing is that we must know how much expenses we could afford. Note down all your expense and also note that there are any frequent unexpected expenses such as medical expenses, repairs etc.

The third one is that we should be aware that our life style. Our financial plans and desires should change as per our life style. This we have to consider. You have to identify your desires as possible and impossible, necessary and luxuries and take a decision accordingly.

When you find out all the above matters, be honest yourself. Do not try to overshadow anything. Believe that this is your life and your plans. You should not satisfy anybody else other than you. So be honest to all our problems, sources and desires, and if not you may land to utter financial failure and insolvency.

Keep financial discipline and stick around our financial plans. The victory is ours. If we keep discipline in all our financial plans and act accordingly, we can fulfill all our financial plans and can lead a successful life.

Get enough knowledge about all investment plans and at least the investment schemes you have chosen. If we are in doubt, we must keep in touch with others who know the field well. It may be our friends, a favourable investment forum, a financial consultant or an investors club.

We should fix our investment strategy. We must know that how much risk we can bear. Fix risk- bearing strategy as per our sources of Income, financial plan, age etc. and do not take over-risk which we could not afford. Stick around the investment strategy.

As a summary, act wisely in all our financial activities including earning, spending and saving and express this in all your financial decisions, planning and even in dreams and desires.

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Friday, 22 June 2012

Be Careful when you make Long Term Financial Planning

Long term Financial Planning“Haste makes Waste, and attention is your only go”. This adage is also true in financial planning.  You should consider all aspects when you need a decision in financial planning. It may be about an investment in Provident Fund, 401K, retirement funds or any other long term financial plans. If there is any fault you have taken in your long tenure financial planning and funding for the same your future wishes may not taken place, your credit score may be over, sometimes you may become insolvent.

Some investment options can be consider the term, for example, consider the purchase of real estate. You can get real estate or house property for short term and long run. When you consider for short term investing in real estate, you purchase it for resale and you should consider the resale value which you can save in a short term such as 6 months or more. You should consider the interest of the funds you tied up with the property. If you buy a residential property or real estate for a long run you should look out for such a long period. The place where property situated may develop and the price which you can recover after such long period growth a few fold, the capital gain you can derive from the property, the money value after a long term etc. No doubt you have to consider the interest of the money you spend for the property for such a long term.

Time Value of money: The greatest thing you must consider for the long term financial planning is the time value of money. Today’s $100 may be $ 90 tomorrow and may be $50 after 5 years. I mean value of money and the purchasing power of money may change. If you can fulfill a financial plan with $1000, you can fulfill the same item may happen with $2000 after 5 years. So you must consider the capital cost when you need a long term financial planning.

The tax factor: You have to consider the tax factor also while you make financing for your long term financial goals. Some long run funding does not attract tax, for Example, depositing money in Public Provident Fund. You can obtain a significant tax free return for your money deposited in Public Provident Fund. If you deposit in any taxable income system, try to deposit in any high income, but sound financial tool.

When you make long term time financial planning count the abovementioned points such as time value of money, purchasing power of money, earning from the funding and also the tax factor. If, you do well you can enjoy a strong economic future till the end of your life.

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

How to calculate your tax liability when you work aboard

Income Tax liability while you work abroadYou are free to work anywhere in the world and now the distance from one country to another is too short through new media’s and internet. You born and brought up in India and now you are out from India due to your job. In such a situation let us check your income tax liability in India.

To check the Income tax liability in India you must check that whether you are a resident Indian citizen or nonresident India citizen (NRI). To check your residential status you must know who resident Indian is and who Non Resident Indian is.

Residential Status: If you are in India for more than 182 days in a financial year OR You are in India for 60 days in a particular financial year and be in India a total of 365 days in the 4 years preceding the financial year you are treated as a resident Indian and if you are not satisfying any one of the above two conditions you are treated as Non Resident Indian.

When a person born and brought up in India and sent out of India for any assignment, he has to check whether he is a resident in India and check whether he is resident of the country where he is staying and working.  Sometimes the person may have residential status in both countries (The condition and day of staying in particular country is different while calculating residential status. And the financial year also may be different. Some countries consider calendar year as financial year.) In such a condition certain countries are entered into an agreement called Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) and in such countries the person those who falls under resident status should pay tax where he or she has a permanent residence.

IF a person is a non resident in India he should pay tax for the income he received in India. His tax may also be deducted asTDS in India in some cases wherever TDS is applicable. But if a person is resident abroad especially in USA they may deduct tax for his global income and the tax payer can claim for refund for the tax he paid in India for his Indian Income. This is due toDTAA between India and the foreign country.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How can you get out of debt fast and efficiently?

eliminate your debt
Getting out of debt should be your top priority if you have multiple credit card debts. There are many reasons why you can fall in debt. It maybe that you had to take out loans for important financial matters or it may be that you have a huge shopping list every time you go to the market. Whatever is the reason, it is imperative that you get out of debt as soon as you can. You can get advice on how to deal with your debts at There are many methods to get out of debt depending upon how your debt situation is like. Here are some of them for your benefit.

Credit counseling – This method is used if your debt situation is within your control. In credit counseling you are advised on how you can formulate a budget and minimize your expenses. It is very important that you save from your income every month. There are many emergency situations that may arise when you require money. If you have savings you wouldn’t require taking out a loan. In a credit counseling session you will be taught different ways in which you can save money and get out of your debts.

Debt consolidation – In this method you can sign up for a debt consolidation program at a debt consolidation company. You will be provided with a negotiator who will negotiate with your creditors to decrease the interest rate on your outstanding debts. Once this is done, you can pay back your debts more easily. Also you can make your monthly debt payments to the negotiator who will distribute the amount amongst your various creditors. Thus you can pay all your creditors with just single monthly payments.

Debt settlement – This is quite an aggressive method of debt relief. You have to sign up for a debt settlement program to get the services of a debt settlement company. In this method the debt settlement company appoints a negotiator for you who mediate with your creditors to reduce the total amount of your outstanding debt. At times you can make monthly payments which the negotiator collects in a settlement fund. Once the settlement is done, this amount is paid as lump sum payment and you can get out of debt.

Thus the above methods can help you out in different debt situations.

Eliminate Debt Fast Without Bankruptcy Or Debt Consolidation: See the ultimate debt guide to teach you how to Eliminate Debt Fast Without Bankruptcy Or Debt Consolidation coming with Seven Bonus package and an additional bonus of personal finance guide shows you how escape from debt (This bonus is allowed only if you purchase the ultimate debt guide from this link). Buy it now

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Joh highlights of Employment News 16 Jun - 22 Jun 2012

Employment news is the weekly which advertise government job vacancies every week. This is the main reason all job seekers are interested to read employment News. Employment News 16 Jun - 22 Jun 2012 also have full of government job vacancies. The important job highlights of employment news 16 Jun - 22 Jun 2012 shown below

Railway Recruitment Boards invite applications for 12042 post of Technicians. Last Date: 16.07.2012

Carana Bank requires 2000 Probationary Clerks. Closing Date for online Registration : 01.07.2012

Corporation Bank requires 1550 Single Window Operators (Clerks). Last Date for one Registration: 26.06.2012

United Bank of India needs 751 Single Window Operators ‘A’ (In Clerical Cadre). Last Date for online Registration : 22.06.2012.

Footwear Design & Development Institute, Noda invites applications for 105 non-academic posts. Last Date : 30 days after publication.

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Ordnance Factory, Dehu Road, Pune requires 82 Boiler, Attendant, Fitter, Machinist, Turner, Examiner etc. Last Date: 21 days after publication.

Public Service Commission, Uttar Pradesh invites applications for 79 various posts. Last Date: 16.07.2012.

Indian Navy invites online applications from unmarried Male candidates for enrolment as Sailors for Artificer Apprentice (AA)-133 Batch. Last Date: 06.07.2012

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur requires 7 Deputy Registrars Medical Officers ad Assistant Physical Education Officer. Last Date: 06.07.2012.

The abovementioned employment opportunities are the job highlights of Employment News 16 Jun - 22 Jun 2012. A lot of other jobs are also there in Employment News. Please read the weekly before applying any of the abovementioned job vacancies.

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Choose the Right Forex Robot to boost your forex trading

Wallstreet Forex RobotForex robot is a special program which can trade with forex without human intervention when trading. When a person takes decision in his trading, there may be failure and the decision process will take time. Most of the forex decisions should be quick so that the forex market is changing always and the changes are volatile also. A forex robot take decision in time and the human factor may not affect the decisions and helpful to increase your profit.

Start Forex Trading with a minimum $10

Forex robots are programmed to take quick and right decisions to make profit from forex trading. It can analyze the trade signals. Emotional barriers won’t affect in such decision making. The quality of froex robot is important while you choose a forex robot. The quality of the forex robot affects your forex currency trading profit.  You should check the manufacturer of the forex robot. You should select a forex robot from branded manufacturers. There are certain points you have to keep in mind when you go for a suitable forex robot.

The currency pair you wish to trade: The forex robot you are going to choose must have a good background in the currency pair you wish to trade with. Normally all forex robots monitor all currency pairs in the world. But some forex robots may good to handle a particular currency pair. So choose a forex robot which can handle your currency pair easily and effectively.

A Perfect Forex Robot!

The size of your forex trade: you must decide what would be the size of your trade. Normally forex robots can handle different size of trading. But some forex robots may excellent in a particular trade size. So you decide your forex trade size and choose froex trading robot accordingly.

Decide the level of automation required:  forex robots are programmed in different level of automation. You decide how much automation you need. You can automate your trade to a particular level and can manually tune the program up to a certain level. Before choosing a forex robot, decide what level of automation you need and go for a suitable forex robot.

Choose a forex robot which offer money back guarantee: If you choose a forex robot which offer a money back guarantee you can get the back the money, when you found that the forex robot is not suitable for you. The money back guarantee also showsthe confidence of the manufacturer about the successful performance of the forex robot.

Decide the features you need in the forex robot: Some forex robots are very expensive. It may have any particular features. First decide that do you want these features in your forex trading. Purchase a forex robot with a reasonable price which offeradditional information and tools which improve your forex trading skills.

Your forex robot must be useful and worthy: when you select a forex robot, think twice that this forex robot is worthy for you. Do not go for a popular forex robot. See whether it is suitable for your forex trading. If you feel it is worthy and useful, then only you should buy the forex robot.

Totally forex robot is useful and you can automate your forex trading and can make good profit from the trading. But choose a good and better forex robot for you. Before purchasing such a program you must do enough market study and case study. Because the robot is going to handle your money and if there is any mistake, you will be the ultimate loser.

How to make profit from forex trading

Requirements of a good online forex trading platform.

Online Forex Trading System allows you to make a good profit

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Invest money in Fixed Deposits or Fixed Maturity Plans

Fixed Deposits offer a fixed rate of return in terms of interest. Fixed deposits offer a good interest rate and one can earn a good steady income from fixed deposits. You can invest in Bank fixed deposits or company fixed deposits. Following fixed deposits are open and one can invest in them.

Aashary Deposits from DHFL: Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited issued Fixed Deposits name Aashray Deposits offer 11% interest for a fixed deposits below Rs. 1 crore and 11.25% interest for a deposit more than 1 crore .This option is for 365 days and especially for trusts and society. For others the interest rate for 400days deposit is 10.75% if the FD is Less than 25 Lakhs and 11% interest for a deposit more than 25 lakhs. 11% interest for 36 months investment for any amount of deposit.

Platinum Deposit Plan from HDFC: HDFC Platinum Deposit Plan offers 9.75% interest for a fixed deposit for 15 months and 33 months.

Fixed Maturity Plans: The following Fixed Maturity plans now open in the market, fixed maturity plans are debt oriented mutual funds and the return is not fixed as Fixed Deposits. But these FMPs offer good return and there is not TDS will be deducted at source, but the return is taxable.

DSP BlackRock FMP - Series 55 - 12M for 12 Months opened on 15th June, 2012 and will be closed on 19th June, 2012.

HDFC FMP 1120D June 2012 (1) for 1120 Days opened on 11th June, 2012 and will be closed on 19th June, 2012.

HDFC FMP 92D June 2012 (1) for 92 Days opened on 15th June, 2012 and will be closed on 20th June, 2012.

HDFC FMP 92D June 2012 (1) for 92 Days opened on 15th June, 2012 and will be closed on 20th June, 2012

HDFC FMP 371D June 2012 (1) for 371 Days opened on 21st June, 2012 and will be closed on 26th June, 2012

HDFC FMP 91D June 2012 (1) for 91 Days opened on 21st June, 2012 and will be closed on 26th June, 2012

L&T FMP – VI (June368D A) for 368 Days opened on 15th June, 2012 and will be closed on 21st June, 2012

Reliance Dual Advantage Fixed Tenure Fund II - Plan D for Years opened on 15th June, 2012 and will be closed on 29th June, 2012

We strongly recommend that read details of each investment plan before investing in these plans.

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Free E-Book Reveals How to Make Money Online

Download money making eBookI just gone through a special e-book and it narrate a unique strategy of making money with Click bank and other affiliate programs. But the simplicity of the method adopted, attracted me a lot. It does not depend Google or other search engines. It has its own style of traffic which is an inexpensive strategy. The free Money Making e-book narrates everything and it ends with an amazing idea for making you money from the book itself.

No email ID required.

The interesting factor is that all others distributing free e-book only when you provide your e-mail ID or personal information, but here the author Harvey Segal directly send you to the download link without asking any personal information or email ID. You should not provide your email id or any information anywhere in the e-book. You can read and learn all techniques free of cost and without any obligation. But you should read it carefully and patiently.

A special business strategy

The eBook reveals you how the author conquered the difficulties of changing strategies of search engines such as penguin updates of Google and such related changes. He is using a viral strategy and earn from the method.

Money from click bank

At the end of the e-book he gives a chance to the reader to opt rebranding the e-book with a few mouse clicks and can make all the links and click bank products with your own affiliate id and you can earn from each sale and each distribution.

For any internet marketing

You can adopt this strategy to sell any product or affiliate products. The author Harvey Segal allow you the complete redistribution of the rebranded book with your own affiliate IDs and can keep all the profit from such sales with you.

Contents of the book

The content of the 37 page free e-book includes the following matters with his own unique and practical ideas which are able to make a Zero in to a Hero in internet marketing.  The topics are

  1. Getting traffic to your site

  2. Preselling with free ebooks

  3. Preselling with articles

  4. Autoresponders and follow up campaigns

  5. Ad tracking

  6. Affiliate marketing

  7. ClickBank

  8. Viral marketing

  9. PDF book creation

  10.  Ebook rebranding

  11.  Creating niche sites

  12.  Resale rights

And at the end he gives you the wonderful unique viral idea of internet marketing to you.

If the author distributes it free of cost, why should I struggle for it? You can also download the free eBook which reveals the unique money-making strategy free of cost. No strings attached. No email ID or any personal Information is required. Just download the free eBook and read it. Only thing is that as a free eBook you should not left it anywhere carelessly, read carefully at least the 4th and 5th Chapter, unless you are losing a wonderful money-making idea without any effort.

Download Free E-Book Reveals How to Make Money Online


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

How to manage money when you win a lottery

lottery moneyYou must have heard that somebody won lottery and got a lot of money at once. Did you ever think that how they spend this unexpected money. But I know somebody those who won lottery and spoiled all money immediately and become a debtor. This article tells you how you can manage money when you won a lottery or a windfall.

1. Wait for a short while: When you win lottery and get a big amount of money immediately you should wait for a short while, say two or three months to plan how you can effectively use this money. You can keep this money in any short-term fixed deposit or any debt funds to get enough time to make planning about the money.

2. Keep an emergency fund: You can create an emergency fund as per your financial background and your family needs. If you are not able to find all your financial commitments, you can get advice of a financial planner or financial adviser to plan your unexpected income.

3. Pay off your debts: When you get unexpected money you can pay off your debts and this will enhance your financial status. It you have a big amount of loan and the money you got is not enough to pay off all your loans; you can settle high interest loans first. Anyway paying off your loans is a good step to improve your financial condition.

4. Fix priorities of your financial goals: You may have certain financial goals such as your own retirement, buying a residential house, marriage of yourself or your children, higher education of your children etc. Fix priorities for all your financial needs and fulfill them or keep money for them.

5. Give for charity: Whenever you get an income, remember others those who do not have a chance to get any type of income andcould not fulfill their basic needs such as food, clothing and medical treatment. Spend a portion of money to fulfill their basic needs.

6. Spend money and live happy: Do not forget to live while you are hurry with keeping your unexpected money you got from a lottery or windfall. Spend a portion of money to satisfy your dreams and convenience such as buying a car or go for a trip with your family etc.

If you keep the abovementioned matters when you got a windfall or winning from lottery, you can enjoy the winning and can use your unexpected income effectively, if not  your post winning financial condition may worse than before.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Online insurance is easy and convenient to getting insured

Now insurance is common thing and people like to insurance everything, every possibility or risk and financial loss. It is an unavoidable financial commitment for all. We can insure our life, car, home, agriculture, business and everything which has a possibility of financial loss.

But you have to choose the best insurance policy for all your needs. You can choose the cheapest one which means lowest insurance premium and high coverage and speedy settlement. When you insure anything try to get the optimum insurance policy. Do not under insurance cover and over insurance cover which may happen heavy financial loss or high insurance cost. A best insurance policy gives you maximum benefit with minimum cost.

Now a lot of insurance companies mushrooming around and offer a variety of insurance policies. It is not easy to find a suitable insurance provider or a suitable insurance policy. An insurance agent may help you but he could inform you the policies of his own affiliated insurance company and the advice may be beneficial to the agent also.

At present you can compare all insurance providers and insurance policies online with a few mouse clicks. These online insurance policies help you to save time and money by getting suitable insurance policies with lowest premium and high coverage.

With online insurance facility you can compare the cost of insurance and all insurance related service within no time. You can fill online application forms and can join the insurance policy online. The only thing is that you should furnish true details. Unless when there is claim settlement you may loss the claim.

So online insurance is the best way of getting insured and can choose a better insurance policy and can avail a better insurance coverage and related services.

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Monday, 11 June 2012

Job highlights of employment news 09 June 2012

Following are the job highlights of employment news (09 Jun - 15 Jun 2012). Employment News is a weekly which advertise job vacancies especially government job vacancies. Reading employment news regularly is helpful to find a good government job and it publish detailed information of each and every government job vacancies.  

Northern Coalfields Limited requires 1601 Technician (Trainee), Assistant Security Sub-Inspector Grade-D and Security Guard Grade-G etc. Last Date: 21.06.2012.

Central Industrial Security Force, requires 995 Constable/Fire. Last Date: 18.07.2012

Central Industrial Security Force invites applications to fill up 888 posts of Constable (Tradesmen). Last Date: 18.07.2012.

Central Reserve Police Force requires 866 Head Constable/GD & Constable GD against Sports Quota. Last Date: 15.07.2012.

Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam requires 400 Unskilled Labourer. Last Date : 30 days after publications.

Staff Selection Commission notifies recruitment of Sub-Inspectors (Executives) in Delhi Police-2012. Vacancy : 359, Last Date: 06.07.2012

Central Railway invites applications for recruitment of 134 Group ‘C’ posts against Physically Handicapped Quota. Last Date: 09.07.2012

South Central Railway, Secundranad requires 95 Group ‘C’ posts for persons with disabilities. Last Date: 09.07.2012

ASC Centre and College, Agram P.O. Bangalore invites applications for recruitment of 88 Civilian Group ‘C’ posts. Last Date: 21 days after publications.

Union Public Service Commission invites applications for various posts. Last Date : 28.06.2012. 

These job highlights are from employment news (09 Jun - 15 Jun 2012). To know more details about each job vacancy read the employment news. 

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

New Issue of Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs)

Fixed Maturity PlansFixed Maturity Plans (FMPs) are a type of mutual funds which has a fixed time period for maturity. These Fixed Maturity Plans are Closed Ended Mutual funds and these funds are investing the pooled money of investors in debt related financial products.  It offers steady return to the investor with capital protection and this is almost equal to fixed deposits.

But in Fixed Maturity Plan the return is not assured as Fixed Deposits. Even though  the investor can expect a fixed return from the investment at the maturity after a pre-determined period. As per the direction of SEBI, the market regulator, the mutual fund house does not offer any specified return at the time of New Fund Offer (NFO). But most Fixed Maturity Plans are able to give you an equal interest rate or bit more than fixed deposits for a long period FMPs.

There is no TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) for Fixed Maturity Plans. But the interest or the profit is taxable and the investor should show the profit in the Income Tax Return and should pay Income Tax Accordingly. Following are the Fixed Maturity Plans Presently open in the market. 

Birla Sun Life Short Term FMP - Series 35 for 180 Days opened on 04th June, 2012 and will be closed on 11th June, 2012.

Birla Sun Life Short Term FMP - Series 36 for 91 Days opened on 04th June, 2012 and will be closed on 11th June, 2012.

Birla Sun Life Short Term FMP - Series 37 for 269 Days opened on 04th June, 2012 and will be closed on 18th June, 2012.

Birla Sun Life Short Term FMP - Series 38 for 91 Days opened on 04th June, 2012 and will be closed on 18th June, 2012.

HDFC FMP 372D June 2012 (2) for 372 Days opened on 06th June, 2012 and will be closed on 11th June, 2012.

ICICI Prudential Fixed Maturity Plan-Series 64 for 274 Days opened on 08th June, 2012 and will be closed on 12th June, 2012.

IDFC Fixed Maturity Plan - 366 Days Series 80 for 366 Days opened on 08th June, 2012 and will be closed on 11th June, 2012. 

Tata Fixed Maturity Plan Series 40 Scheme E (370 days) for 370 Days opened on 07th June, 2012 and will be closed on 11thJune, 2012.

If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned Fixed Maturity Plans please contact your mutual fund broker or login to your Online Stock Trading Account. But we strongly recommend that read the details of each Fixed Maturity Plans from the concerned website before investing in any of them.

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Friday, 8 June 2012

Ten Money Tips You Must Teach Your Children

Money Tips for ChildrenYou love your children very much and try to make them happy and comfort all time. You may be a parent who have come from a family where there is no enough money to survive. But now you are earning well and do not like to teach your kids about the difficulties you have experienced. But if you love your children you must teach them how to handle money. Then only thing is that they should understand the value of money and lead a quality life, a balanced one. The following Ten Money Tips you must teach your children.

The exchanging power of money: Money is the means of exchange and one can buy needy items by giving money. Your children must understand the exchanging power of money. They must realize that things they need such as food, medicine and other household items are buying with money. You can accompany your child to the nearest grocery shop and allow him to buy things and pay for it. This will make them happy and confident and they realize the exchanging power of money. Your kid may ask a lot of questions about money and the purchasing power of money etc., and you must answer all of them with patience and love.

Each coin is valuable: This is the second Money Tip you have to teach your children. You must keep all small coins and do not allow to through it away. Give him a piggy bank and tell him to put all coins in the box. After a while allow him to open the box and show him how much he has collected. Teach him the universal truth that “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”. If they understand the value of each small coin at their young age, they will not through it away in their entire life. They will be careful about money in their entire life.

Earn money with effort: This is another lesson you should teach your children. You must teach them that nobody gives out free money to others. It must be earned with effort. Not by theft or cheating. You may be a parent give out a lot of money to your children as pocket money. Then your children will not know the value of money. You must give them money only after doing any household work. Then they will understand that money should be earned by doing some work or taking any effort. It is not a freeware. And they also realize the value of work and glory of work. They can respect all work and all workers.

Make grow the saving habit: You must teach them that money should be kept apart for any future financial needs. The abovementioned piggy bank is helpful for the same. Teach them to save a part of money they are getting or earning. After a while allow them to open the piggy bank and use that money for any of their needs such as buying a cycle, a school bag or a wrist watch etc. Then they will learn to save money and invest money for their future financial needs.

Teach him to spend for the poor and needy: You must teach you kid that there are people who do not have money to meet their basic needs such as food and medicine. Let him to give money to such poor people for their needs. You must show that you are giving for poor and needy and your child also should learn to spend for poor and needy from you. Allow him to give a portion of money for his little charity work.

Teach them to spend money for their needs: Your children must not be miser or lavish. Teach them to spend for their needs and at the same time teach them to spend wisely. Let them to know the difference of need, necessity and luxury and this three things are differ from person to person. For example a car is a luxury for an ordinary man who has no any work outside and it is a necessity for a doctor. If your children can differentiate need, necessity and luxury they won their life and you also won as a responsible parent.

Discourage the borrowing habit: Borrowing money is easy but paying back the debt is not that much easy. So teach your children to avoid unnecessary borrowing. Tell them to borrow money only when it is unavoidable in their life and also teach them to repay the borrowed money in time or early.

Do not allow money to control them: Teach them that they must not be greedy for money. They need money but must learn that money is not all. Do not let money to rule over them. They should not live for money. Money is for them. They should not be slaves of money. They must handle money wisely. They must acquire things only they can afford.  If money rules over them, they will be one among the cruel greedy people in the world. So teach them to control and use money wisely and effectively.

Teach them to live as per their income
: Everybody must learn to live as per their source of income. Do not overspend. Use credit card wisely and pay all their utility bills and credit card bills in time. If they overspend they will be debtor and they could not pay off it in their life time. So teach your children to live as per their source of income. Do not buy items that their neighbor bought. Help them to make a budget and let them think twice that the item they are going to buy is necessary for them.

Be a role model for your children: Parents are the role model of their children and they always follow your own deeds. So if you wish to teach your children all the above mentioned Money Tips, you must follow it first. Then only you can teach your kids. They will learn from you.

All these money matters must teach your kids to make them successful and responsible individuals by manage their money wisely.

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Know your funds before you go ahead and invest

If you are an investor, then irrespective of your type there is always a mutual fund which will fit your style of trading. It has been evaluated that there are more than 10,000 mutual funds in North America which means that there are more number of mutual funds as compared to stocks. When you are investing in mutual funds, ways to fund care is not difficult. It is pertinent that you should understand that there are different kinds of risks and rewards associated with each mutual fund.  By a general rule, the higher is your potential return from the investment, the higher risk it involves.

You should remember that there is risk involved with all funds at some level, though there are some funds which are less risky as compared to others. It is never possible for you to diversify away all risks. Each kind of fund has investment objectives which are predetermined and these are custom made to the assets of the fund, the regions of investment and the strategies of investment. There are three varieties of mutual funds at the fundamental level. These are equity funds, fixed-income funds and money market fund.

 All kinds of mutual funds are just different variations of these classes of asset. For instance, the equity funds that invest in companies that are fast growing are called growth funds; the equity funds which only invest in companies of the same sector or region are referred to as specialty funds. Here are two common and safest funds for you to evaluate.

  • Money market fund – The money market is made up of debt instruments which are short term, mainly Treasury bills. You can deposit your money here safely. Although you won’t receive high returns, you don’t need to worry about losing your principal.  A typical return on a money market fund is almost double the amount that you would earn in a regular savings account and a little less than what you would earn on an average certificate of deposit (CD).

  • Bonds/income funds – Income funds do exactly as their name suggests, they provide you with current income on a regular basis. When talking about mutual funds, the terms “fixed-income”, “bond” and “income” all carry the same meaning. These terms represent funds which invest primarily in the government debt and also corporate debt. While the fund holdings may receive appreciation in value, the main objective of these funds is to provide a fixed flow of cash, once you have invested in them. Most of the people who invest in such funds are either retirees or conservative investors. Bonds funds are more probable of paying you higher returns as compared to certificates of deposit and money market investments. However it is not that bonds funds are devoid of risk. The variety o bond funds is quite a lot, hence they can vary quite dramatically depending upon where they are invested.

Thus you can choose from these investments to keep the risk low.

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Stop prepayment penalty on home loans: RBI to banks

Stop prepayment penalty on home loansHappy news to all home loan borrowers that the Reserve Bank of India told banks to stop charging penal interest on prepayment of home loans for those who have taken home loan on floating interest rates.

Reserve Bank of India communicated to all banks. "It has...been decided that banks will not be permitted to charge foreclosure charges\pre-payment penalties on home loans on floating interest rate basis, with immediate effect,"

Now home loan borrowers can switch over to lower interest loan with other banks. They should not pay any extra amount to the bank for the prepayment of loan or foreclosure of their home loan. So banks also compelled to cut their interest rate to hold the home loan customers. This will increase competition between banks and the borrowers will get the benefit.

The prepayment penalty is varying from bank to bank from 1% to 2%. The National Housing Bank also urged to cut or stop pre payment penalty. Now it is from RBI and the benefit is for all home loan borrowers.

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Avail cheap car insurance for women drivers

Cheap car insurance for women driversAre you aware that auto insurance companies allow discount to female drivers for their car insurance. This is not the consideration to woman drivers but statistics says that female drivers drive safer than their male counterpart.

As per the studies and experience of Car insurance companies Women drivers are more safe drivers than male drivers. Women drivers are loyal to traffic rules and they seldom violate traffic rules than male drivers. While choosing a car female drivers choose economical car which gives good mileage and low chance of repair. Female drivers make fewer claims than male drivers.  So as a result of all these female drivers get cheaper car insurance than male drivers.

But remember that these benefits are not available for young women drivers. For young drivers, whether they are male or female there is no such discount for car insurance. The reason is that young drivers are inexperienced and the insurance companies are not ready to take risk by providing cheap discounted car insurance to them.

Young women drivers can get cheap car insurance cover when they get enough experience and become an expert driver. To get this discounted car insurance protection you must be law obedient (Traffic rule), without accidents and without getting penalties and earn a good track record for safe driving. A good driving track record is necessary for getting cheap car insurance.

There are schools which provides driver education course and join such driving school and earn good driving education. Remember that there are a lot of other discounts also available for car insurance.

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Monday, 4 June 2012

How to make profit from forex trading

Forex Market is open round the clock. Trading currencies of different countries are taken place in forex market. It is a trade with any two currencies. You can trade US dollar with Euro or Indian Rupees with Canadian Dollar.  But the exchange rate of currencies is changing always. A forex trader must be aware of these changes and he should watch the currency market with open eyes. Then only you can make profit out of theses currency exchange.

Start Forex Trading with lowest investment of $10

There are many reasons for the changes of currency exchange rate. You must be aware about these changes to make profit from the forex market. The rate changes of currency pairs may adversely or favorably affect you.

Learn the nature of Currency pairs: In forex trading you have to compare two currencies such as US dollar and Indian Rupee. The currency pair may show USD/INR=50 which means One US Dollar is equal to 55 Indian Rupees.  The first currency is known as Base Currency and the second currency in the currency pair is known as counter currency. The base currency is noted as one unit (here is one US dollar) and the counter currency noted that with one base currency you can buy or sell this much counter currencies. Here it is 55 Indian Rupees. You can buy INR 505 with USD 1. The base currency which is shownfirst in currency pair is always stronger currency.

Gain or loss from forex trading:  IN the above currency pair (USD/INR=50) you bought $1000 by paying Rs. 50000 and kept it in your forex account. After a while when the value of USD increased, I mean (USD/INR=55) you sold $1000 and got Rs. 55000 and you got a profit of Rs. 5000. IF the value of USD weakened to (USD/INR=48) and you may lose Rs. 2000. You must bewatchful and should know the strength of each currency, at least the strength of a few main currencies to make profit from forex trading.

Risk factor of Forex Trading: Like Stock Trading, Forex currency trading also involved risk. The main risk is that the unexpected changes of currency rates.  The fluctuations of currency rates may affect you adversely. Forex trading can make you more profit than other traditional investments and stock trading and at the same time it is risky also.


Some forex trading platforms allow you to sign in for a demo account and you can practice forex trading with virtual money (provided by them) and when you feel that you are an expert you may switch over to real money and can make profit.

But we strongly recommend that you never invest all your savings in forex market. Invest only a portion of your money as per you financial goals and make money from it. Even if you got high profit, never invest all your hard-earned money in forex market or any one investment schemes. You must follow the old investment proverb; never put all your eggs in one nest.

make profit from forex trading

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Job highlights of Employment News 02 Jun - 08 Jun 2012

Job listLatest issue of employment news published. There is a lot of government job vacancies published in the present employment news. Job highlights of Employment news (02 Jun – 08 Jun 2012) are listed below for the convenience of our readers.Indian Overseas Bank needs 551 Specialist Officers. Closing Dated for online Registration: 12.06.2012.

Punjab & Sind Bank requires 301 Accountants Chief Chartered Accountants & Chief Information Security Officers (CISO). Last Dated for online Registration: 15.06.2012.

Allahabad Bank requires 115 Specialist Officers. Closing Dated for online Registration 10.06.2012.

Delhi Police invites applications to fill up 752 vacant posts of Constables (Driver). Last Date: 29.06.2012.

Ship Building Centre Vishakhapatnam requires 161 Supervisors and Workmen of various grades. Last Date : 30.06.2012.

Rail Tel Corporation of India Limited, New Delhi requires 136 Deputy Manager (Tech.), Deputy Manager (Mktg), Deputy Manager (P&A) and Manager (P&A). Closing Date for online Registration: 25.06.2012.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mumbai requires 125 Officer Trainees & Information Systems Officers. Closing Date for online submission of Application 20.06.2012.

A Miniratna Category-1 CPSE requires 50 Supervisor, Junior Bullion Accountant & Assistant Grade-III. Last Date: 18.06.2012.

Steel Authority of India Limited, Bokaro requires 50 Medical Professionals and Para-Medical Staff.

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, New Delhi requires 30 Assistant Commissioner (Admn.) & Principals. Closing Date for online Submission of application: 26.06.2012.

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, Bhopal requires 63 Lower Division Clerk/Storekeeper. Last Date : 30 days after publication.

Union Public Service Commission notifies Combined Defence Services Examination (II), 2012. Last Date : 02.07.2012

The above shown job highlights are from the Employment news (02 Jun – 08 Jun 2012). Those who are interested to apply for any of these job vacancy, please read the current issue of employment news.

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Children Education Allowance Clarification, Hostel Subsidy

The latest clarification about Children Education Allowance issued on 31st May, 2012 through a government order No.12011/07/2011-Estt. (AL). This time it is regarding Hostel subsidy for the children of a government employee.

“Clarification on the subject of the definition of 'station' for the purpose of Hostel Subsidy under Children Education Allowance Scheme. The Department of Personnel and Training has issued the clarification orders regarding the above subject today.”

Hostel subsidy is admissible for a government servant, if the children of the government employee staying in a hostel of a residential school/ institution located beyond a distance of 50 kilometers from the resident of such government employee. It is also clarified that grant of hostel subsidy is not related to transfer liability of the Government Servant.

As per the Government order O.M.No.12011/03/2008-Estt.(AL) dated 2nd September, 2008 the hostel subsidy will be maximum of Rs. 3000 per month per child up to 2 children of a government employee and the amount will be increased by 25% for every 50% increase of D.A. However both hostel subsidy and children education allowance cannot be availed concurrently.

Refer the order 

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension
Department of Personnel & Training

New Delhi, May 31, 2012


Subject: Children Education Allowance/Hostel Subsidy — Clarification

Subsequent to clarifications issued vide O.M.No.12011/3/2008-Estt.(Allowance) dated 11.11.2008 and O.M.No.12011/08/2010-Estt.(AL) dated 30.12.2010, on the captioned subject, references have been received on (i) definition of the term “station” and (ii) admissibility of Hostel Subsidy and Children Education Allowance in respect of children pursuing diploma / certificate courses frompolytechnic / ITI / Engineering College, after passing 10th standard.

2. After due consideration of the references in consultation with the Department of Expenditure, the following has been decided:

a. The term Hostel Subsidy would mean expenses incurred by the Government servant if he/she keeps his/her children in a hostel of a residential school/institution located beyond a distance of 50 kilometres from his/her residence. The reimbursement would be subject to other conditions laid down in the O.M. dated 2.9.2008 and subsequent instructions issued from time to time. It is further clarified that grant of hostel subsidy is not related to transfer liability of the Government servant.

b. To allow reimbursement of Children Education Allowance/Hostel Subsidy for the initial two years of a diploma/certificate course from Polytechnic / ITI / Engineering College, if the child pursues the course after passing 10th standard and the Government servant has not been granted CEA/Hostel Subsidy in respect of the child for studies in 11th and 12th standards. This is further subject to fulfilment of other conditions laid down in the O.M. dated 2.9.2008 and subsequent instructions issued from time to time.

3. This comes into effect from the current academic year.

Hindi version will follow.

(Vibha G.Mishra)

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Saturday, 2 June 2012

AICPIN (IW) for the month of April, 2012 is 205

AICPIN (IW) or All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers for the month of April 2012 is 205 and this is 4 point more than the AICPIN for the month of March 2012. The base of AICPIN (IW) is 100 as on 2001. This 4 point increase shows a high difference in prices of essential commodities all over India.

AICPIN calculates on the basis of price fluctuations of essential commodities such as Rice, Groundnut Oil, Vanaspati Ghee, Fish Fresh, Vegetable & Fruit items, Tea (Readymade), Bidi, Firewood, Toilet Soap, Washing Soap, Tailoring Charges and all other daily using commodities.

On April, 2012 the maximum increase of 9 points recorded in Amritsar Centre and the minimum increase of 1 point recorded in 10 centers. There is 2 point decrease recorded in Belgaum Centre and in 3 centers Consumer price index was stable when compare with March 2012.

The consumer price index for the month of January, February, March & April 2012 of 6 major centers are as follows

Centers                          Jan2012   Feb 2012     March 2102  April 2012


1. Ahmadabad       –       192               196              201                    202

2. Bangalore          -        200              204              206                   209    

3. Chennai              -        187               186               187                    190

4. Delhi                    -        181               182               185                    188     

5. Kolkata               -        184                186               190                   196

6. Mumbai              -        199                200              204                 208

The recent petrol price hike will reflect in the AICPIN for the month of May 2012.

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Friday, 1 June 2012

Investment Beginners can join Investment Clubs

Beginners need training to do anything. This is applicable in the case of investment also. If you are a beginner in investing you need a lot of training, because you are playing with your hard-earned money. You have to develop the knowledge of how to invest, increase your buying power, select a suitable investment product etc. An investment club can help you a lot to make you a successful investor.

What is Investment club?

Investment club is a group of investors who bring together their money in to a common pool and trade stocks. This is just like mutual funds, but not mutual funds. They are just making a group investment and a few such clubs invest in stock, only after making a detailed study of the stock and sometimes they make votes among the members of the club to invest in a particular stock.

This is not like mutual funds because here each member of this investment club has special responsibilities as their ability and experience. Some of them make necessary researches and some others have to find suitable person who can give ideal information about a specific financial product. Each member has his own role to do and this investors club is a joint venture to make most profit out of their hard-earned money. When take part in each role the member get experienced in that process and in future he or she can become an experienced investor.

The main advantage of investment club is that since it is a group work and each member has their own role to investigate about each investment they can acquire more related knowledge easily than an individual can do all the work himself. They can get all essential investment information quickly and they can act soon before others do the same investment and can make a good result from the investment.

They can cut the risk of investment in a particular financial instrument because they are investing only after a thorough study about the investment. The knowledge they acquired also helpful for them if they wish to go for personal investment. But most such investors are wishing to go with this investment club so that they are getting much protection in their investment when they are in the group.

The friendship and co-operation in an investment club is an asset and they can enjoy their investment and relationship with all other investment club members and it is worthy for their future life.

Some interesting facts about investment clubs

Investment club is not required to register with US Securities and Exchange Commission. But, they have to see the federal laws such as Securities Act of 1993 and Investment Company Act of 1940 and some state laws also where they are functioning. They can get all resources about introduction and functioning of an investment club from The National Association of Investors Corporation.

An investment club is not required for buying and selling of stock. But when we buy through an investment club it is the fruit of a collective work and research and one can make more profit out of his hard-earned money and can acquire more knowledge about the process of investment. He can find more profitable investment with the collective study. So an investment club is useful for beginners in investment.

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