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How to make profit from forex trading

Forex Market is open round the clock. Trading currencies of different countries are taken place in forex market. It is a trade with any two currencies. You can trade US dollar with Euro or Indian Rupees with Canadian Dollar.  But the exchange rate of currencies is changing always. A forex trader must be aware of these changes and he should watch the currency market with open eyes. Then only you can make profit out of theses currency exchange.

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There are many reasons for the changes of currency exchange rate. You must be aware about these changes to make profit from the forex market. The rate changes of currency pairs may adversely or favorably affect you.

Learn the nature of Currency pairs: In forex trading you have to compare two currencies such as US dollar and Indian Rupee. The currency pair may show USD/INR=50 which means One US Dollar is equal to 55 Indian Rupees.  The first currency is known as Base Currency and the second currency in the currency pair is known as counter currency. The base currency is noted as one unit (here is one US dollar) and the counter currency noted that with one base currency you can buy or sell this much counter currencies. Here it is 55 Indian Rupees. You can buy INR 505 with USD 1. The base currency which is shownfirst in currency pair is always stronger currency.

Gain or loss from forex trading:  IN the above currency pair (USD/INR=50) you bought $1000 by paying Rs. 50000 and kept it in your forex account. After a while when the value of USD increased, I mean (USD/INR=55) you sold $1000 and got Rs. 55000 and you got a profit of Rs. 5000. IF the value of USD weakened to (USD/INR=48) and you may lose Rs. 2000. You must bewatchful and should know the strength of each currency, at least the strength of a few main currencies to make profit from forex trading.

Risk factor of Forex Trading: Like Stock Trading, Forex currency trading also involved risk. The main risk is that the unexpected changes of currency rates.  The fluctuations of currency rates may affect you adversely. Forex trading can make you more profit than other traditional investments and stock trading and at the same time it is risky also.


Some forex trading platforms allow you to sign in for a demo account and you can practice forex trading with virtual money (provided by them) and when you feel that you are an expert you may switch over to real money and can make profit.

But we strongly recommend that you never invest all your savings in forex market. Invest only a portion of your money as per you financial goals and make money from it. Even if you got high profit, never invest all your hard-earned money in forex market or any one investment schemes. You must follow the old investment proverb; never put all your eggs in one nest.

make profit from forex trading

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