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5 monopolies of a company to decide its financial strength

We have already heard that when investing in stock market; invest in the shares of strong companies. We have learned that earning per share (EPS), net sales (NS), Book Value per share (BVPS) , Return on invested capital (ROIC) and Debt to Net Income ratios are the parameters which helps to analyze the financial health of a company. We can check all these of a company for the last few years, say 10 -12 years. But what is the guarantee of these parameters exist in future. No doubt this is a difficult matter. Nobody can predict the financial future of a company related with the value of shares. Equity related securities has a statutory warning that the past performance may or may not repeat in future. But here we invest our hard-earned money. Can we throw away our money in those uncertain conditions? No, we can check whether the company has any monopoly in any of the following areas. It is not easy to fail such a company with monopoly power.

Monopoly power of a company cannot be defeat with another one. So there are chances of surviving such company with more profit and good financial conditions for a long time. So let us check the important areas where a company can have monopoly power.

We have already heard that when investing in stock market; invest in the shares of strong companies. We have learned that earning per share (EPS), net sales (NS), Book Value per share (BVPS) , Return on invested capital (ROIC) and Debt to Net Income ratios are the parameters which helps to analyze the financial health of a company. We can check all these of a company for the last few years, say 10 -12 years. But what is the guarantee of these parameters exist in future. No doubt this is a difficult matter. Nobody can predict the financial future of a company related with the value of shares. Equity related securities has a statutory warning that the past performance may or may not repeat in future. But here we invest our hard-earned money. Can we throw away our money in those uncertain conditions? No, we can check whether the company has any monopoly in any of the following areas. It is not easy to fail such a company with monopoly power.

Monopoly power of a company cannot be defeat with another one. So there are chances of surviving such company with more profit and good financial conditions for a long time. So let us check the important areas where a company can have monopoly power.

Brand Name: Brand Name is one of the important monopolies of a company. You also may first think about brand name for purchasing a product. Such company can survive with good financial health for a long time. Colgate is an example of such a brand name for tooth paste.

Patent or Trade Secret: Patent or Trade Secret is a monopoly for certain products and when we think about such a product, some particular companies will come into our mind as first priority. Fried Chickens of KFC is an example for such a product. That crispy fried chicken is their own specialty. Coca Cola is another example for trade secret which is not yet revealed. These Trade secret or patent rights hold them high for a long time and nobody can beat it in near future or ever.

Exclusive right in any area: This is another monopoly condition of a company. Nobody is there to compete them in a particular area of consumption. If anybody uses such facility these companies could make money. Indian railway is the best example for such a monopoly condition. If anybody travels by train in India, Indian Railway makes money. Google is another example for search engine where 95% of internet users are using for searching on the internet. Nobody can beat them in a near future.

Unable to switch over: Some product or service could no switch over to another one. It is not worthy to switch over to another product or service. “Microsoft windows” is the best example for such a product. There is no another operating system to substitute with it.

Low price: This is another monopoly condition of a company. A company can sell a product in lowest price which another company cannot. If this is applicable to any product, nobody can beat them for the product for a long time.

If any company has any of the abovementioned monopoly power, that company can be strong financial future for a long period. One can invest in the shares of such company if all the 5 financial parameters are strong and long existing.

Monopoly areas for Financial Strength of a Company

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Discussion on MACP Joint Committee meeting

National Anomaly Committee Meeting held on 17th July, 2012 and Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) held Separate meeting with Leaders of staff at Room No. 190, North Block, New Delhi on 27th July, 2012. Shri MRaghavaiah, General Secretary, National Federation of Indian Railway men also attended the meeting. In the meeting the following discussions were made.

Grant of MACP in the promotional hierarchy: The staff side insisted that option be given to individual employees in this regard to facilitate him/her to opt for availing benefit of financial up-gradation. After discussion it was agreed to examine in depth for finding solution.

Date of effect of MACP Scheme: The desirability of giving effect to the MACP Scheme w.e. f. 01.01.2006 will be examined.

Counting of total temporary status Casual Labour Service reckoning 10/20/30 years under MACP Scheme: Official Side stated that this will be processed separately.

Treatment of employees selected under LDCE/GDCE Scheme: In the light of the instructions issued when the ACP Scheme was introduced. The same policy be adopted and accordingly orders will be issued. In other words, those inducted through LDCE/GDCE Scheme, such induction may be counted as appointment and will be reckoned as promotion.

Problems faced in the identical Grade Pay: It was agreed to issue instructions for granting additional increment for fixation of Pay in case of promotion to the same Grade Pay. Instructions in this regard will be issued to Ministry of Railways etc.

Financial Upgradation under MACPs, in the case of staff who joined another unit/organisation on request: The Staff Side has pointed out that OM dated 01/11/2010 should be suitably Amended covering the staff who were transferred on request on reversion to the Unit/Organisation so that the total service rendered in the previous Unit/Organisation may be counted for MACPs. It was agreed to be considered.

Extension of benefit of MACPS to an employee appointed in Grade where direct  recruitment element is there while ignoring service and promotion rendered prior to his appointment in that post: Official Side reiterated that suitable clarification No. 5 of OM dated 09/09/2012 was already issued.

Stepping up of Pay of Senior incumbents at par with Junior incumbents as a consequence of  ACP/MACPs : Staff Side has explained the case of gross injustice done, more particularly in the Accounts Department of India” Railways wherein the incumbents who cleared the Appendix examination are drawing less pay than those who could not qualify the said examination and got the benefit of MACPs. The staff side insisted that this situation is leading to de-motivation among qualified staff and urged for rectifying the anomalies. It was agreed to consider and Ministry of Railways advised to send the proposal

Employees who got one promotion prior to 01/09/2008 and completed over two decades of service without benefit of promotion and are denied third ACP under MACPs: After discussion, official side agreed that is a peculiar situation and assured to take action to rectify the situation. The staff side has insisted that in such cases third ACP should be straight away given to staff from the date subsequent to the date of completion of two decades of service after promotion. Official side appreciated the logic and reasonableness and agreed to consider.

Official Side apPft’Cialcd the logic and reawnablencss and agreed to consider.

Modification of recruitment rules particularly in Railways and upgradation granted by abolition of Pay Scale-Implementation of MACPs : The Staff Side explained that in the Railways the lower Pay Scales were abolished and posts were upgraded to the higher Pay Scales with revision of recruitment qualification and designation. In such cases the staff side insisted that entry Grade Pay as a result of upgradation subsequent to abolition of lower Pay Scales should be taken into consideration for reckoning 10/20/30 years of service for granting MACP.

Official side has agreed to obtain details from Ministry of Railways for issuing appropriate clarification. In the meanwhile, Railway Board will have discussion with the Staff Side separately so that appropriate proposal could be sent to the DoP&T.

Placement of staff as a result of upgradation of posts: The Staff side (NFIR) insisted that such placements should not be considered as promotion for the purpose of grant of financial upgradation under MACP Scheme. Official side stated that this will be examined.

In the course of discussion the Official Side also stated that MACP Scheme should be a fall-back option and the Ministries should conduct Cadre Restructuring for ensuring that the staff could be promoted within the reasonable time i.e. within 10 years. When the Staff Side pointed out that the Ministry of Railways is citing the instructions of Ministry of Finance issued some years back that only one third of the Cadre could be disturbed, for revising the percentages, the Official Side clarified that necessary clarificatory instructions will be issued to the Ministry of Railways etc., so that the Cadre Restructuring can be done without problems.

Courtesy : Central Government Employees News

MACP Joint Committee Meeting - Feedback

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

National Strategy for Financial Education through schools

The government of India decided to give financial education to its younger generation from school level itself. The master plan of National Strategy for Financial Education is already prepared and posted in the website of Reserve Bank of India. This is from the speech of our Honorable Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) workshop. This is a good movement that our children also will be aware about the value of money. They can also know that what is money and from where it is coming and how one can earn it. They may know how to spend money wisely. They could understand the value of money.

Our government wishes to give the following messages about money to our kids National Strategy for Financial Education program.

Why we should save money. Through this they can understand the importance of saving money. This may teach them how to differentiate needs, necessity and luxury.

Why we should invest money. This may teach them the need of investment and they can differentiate the terms saving and investing. They may learn to make money with money. Grow their money by investing it.

Need of insurance. They could know the basic lessons of insurance. Why we should insure our life and assets. Awareness of Need and importance of insurance will protect them from unexpected financial loss due to any miss-happenings.

Need of regular income and regular pension. This may teach them the importance of earning regularly through work, agriculture or any other sources. They may also be ware about keeping a chance to get regular income after their retirement.

Need of regular saving. They will learn the need and possibilities of regular systematic saving.

Need of adequate insurance protection.  Please refer the third point. Through this part they will know the importance of adequate insurance and also the demerits of inadequate insurance.

Need of saving through banks. This will teach them the need of proper banking system and this will help them to avoid persons (money lenders) or institutions charge high unreasonable interest for loan etc.

Keep borrowing limits. This message ensures them the disadvantages and dangers of borrowing beyond their limits.

Borrow from banks. Our kids will be aware to borrow from banks which charge reasonable interest rate with reasonable securities.

Know the Difference between savings and investment. Please refer the first and second points. Our children will be aware about the terms investing and saving which will help them to start saving at an early age and invest these money carefully.

Borrow for generating income. One can borrow for generating income or for increase their expenses. When we borrow for a motor car we have to spend further for fuel and maintenance, but, borrowing for a house which can rent out or can sell with a high value, generates income or growth of money. When we borrow for higher education, the chance of generating income is there, when we get a job after the education.

The National Strategy for Financial Education also teaches them the need of paying back loans in time. The need of insurance and also they will learn the interest pattern of banks and moneylenders.

The abovementioned messages will be given to our children through schools when the financial education schemes come into force. Know more about National Strategy for Financial Education from the website of Reserve Bank of India

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Job highlights of Employment News 21 July 2012

Employment News 21 July – 27 July 2012 published in time and there is a lot of government job vacancies are listed in the weekly. Following are the important job highlights of the Employment News:-

Sashastra Seema Bal requires 1524 Constable (Tradesmen). Last Date : 09.08.2012.

Sashastra Seema Bal requires 244 Sub- Inspector (Pioneer), Head Constable (Electrician) and Head Constable (Workshop). Last Date: 31.08.2012

Sashatra Seema Bal invites applications for recruitment of 158 Para-Medical Staff. Last Date: 31.08.2012

Intelligence Bureau requires 750 Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade II/Executive. Last Date : 30 days after publication.

Union Bank of India requires 598 Specialist Officer. Last Date of online Application : 31.07.2012

Western Railway requires 111 Commercial Clerk, Goods Guard, Junior Clerk-cum-Typist, Stenographer, Technician, Ticket Examiner etc. Last Date: 23.07.2012.

Eastern Railway requires 223 Technician Grade-III, TR Trains Clerk, Commercial Clerk and Chief Law Assistant. Last Date : 06.08.2012.

Ordnance Clothing Factory, Avadi requires 216 Tailor, Fitter, Electrician Carpenter etc. Last Date : 21 days after publication.

Integrated Headquarter of Ministry of Defence (Navy) requires 116 Draftsman Grade-III Group C. Last Date : 30 days after publication.

Indian Oil requires 101 non-executive personnel. Last Date: 27.08.2012.

The abovementioned Job highlights are from the employment news 21 July 2102 to 27th July 2012. Choose a suitable job vacancy and apply with all required details. You can find more details about each job from the employment news.

Employment News 21 July - 27 July 2012

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Rs. 5 Lakh Income, No Income Tax Return for 2102-13

The Central Board of Direct Taxes Issued a notification which is same as last year that a salaried employee with a net income of Rs. 5 Lakh or less should not file Income Tax Return for the assessment year 2012-13 (Financial year 2011-12) with certain conditions.

Who should not file Income Tax Return

Salaried employees those who fulfill the following conditions should not file income tax return for the assessment year 2012-13.

Those who have a net income up to Rs. 5 Lakh

Income should be from Salary and interest on Savings Bank account.

Interest form savings bank account must not be more than Rs. 10000 in the year.

Total net Income should not be more than 5 Lakh.

Net income is the total income after all deductions (Income tax exemptions) under section 80C, 80CCC, 80CCF, 80D etc. to 80U of income tax act.

Interest income should be reported to the employer

Employer must deduct TDS for the interest and salary.

No balance tax should be payable.

Whole tax liability must be covered in TDS.

Employer must issue TDS certificate in Form No. 16

Employee should not have any other income other than Interest on SB account and salary

Employee should not have income (or loss) on house property including interest on housing loan.

Who could not avail this benefit of not filing Income Tax Return

With the following reason an employee could not avail the benefit of non filing income tax return, even if he or she has an income less than Rs. 5 Lakh

  1. Income includes income from house property.

  2. Interest on housing loan to be deducted from income.

  3. Capital gain (Long term or short term).

  4. Form No. 16 could not be received from the employer.

  5. Worked under more than one employer in the financial year.

  6. Have Interest other than Savings bank account.

  7. Interest on Savings bank account more than Rs. 10000.

  8. Any other income other than salary and Savings bank interest.

  9. Any loss to be adjusted.

  10. Tax refund to be received.

  11. Self assessment tax paid by the tax payer.

  12. Advance tax paid by the tax payer.

  13. Income of minor to be added.

  14. Interest could not report to the employer.

  15. Employer does not deduct TDS on interest.

  16. Interest from fixed deposit.

  17. Interest on NSC.

  18. Nonresident tax payer.

  19. Received any notice from ITO to submit return.

If any of the abovementioned conditions are applicable to an employee, he or she should file income tax return even if the total taxable income is less than Rs. 5 Lakh.

There are about 85 lakh salaried people in India those who have a net annual income less than Rs. 5 Lakh. However, only a few can avail the benefit of no filing income tax return. Because, most of them could not satisfy these conditions to avail this benefit.  Many taxpayers may not report the savings bank interest to the employer in time. Most banks credit interests in two half yearly installments and may be in august and February. The tax payer may not listen it and report to the employer in time.

It is not convenient to report the interest to the employer in February, when there are many employees and have a separate accounts wing or accounts office.

If the Income Tax Department allow this benefit continues to the next assessment year more employees can avail the benefit of non filing income tax return, because, the interest on savings bank account is exempted from tax up to Rs. 10000 in the financial year 2012-13.

This is convenient for those who satisfy the conditions. They can avoid the difficulties of filing income tax return.

No Income Tax Return upto Rs. 5 Lakh

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7 Simple Steps to know your EPF Balance online

The Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EFPO) allows you to know your EPF (Employees Provident Fund) balance online at any time. Just follow these simple steps to know your provident fund balance in your mobile phone.

Read the entire post carefully before visiting the EPFO website.

1. Select PF Office State. From the first window select the State where your PF office is situated (From the drop down Window).  If you don’t know the exact state where your PF office is, please ask your employer.

Data Available For 119 Offices

Total requests served: 7420108 (updated - 11-07-2012 17:45:01)

Select your PF Office State


Example : Select Delhi for the PF office in Delhi where your PF account is maintained

2. Select your PF Office. Select your PF office from the Popup window

Select your EPFO Office

Region NameRegion CodeOffice CodeOffice NameAvailability of Data
DL - DELHI (NORTH)DLCPMDELHI(NORTH)Data available upto 25-06-12
DL - DELHI (SOUTH)DSSHDLAXMINAGARData available upto 11-07-12
DL - DELHI (SOUTH)DSNHPDELHI(SOUTH)Data available upto 09-07-12

Example : Select DELHI(NORTH) if your PF office is Delhi North

3. Enter your PF Account Number. Type your PF Number in the next Popup Window.

Your PF account May Have Alphabets and Numerals. The Alphabetic portion will already be there. You should enter the Numeral part only.

If there is Two set of Numeral Numbers place first set in the first empty column and the second set in the last empty column.

Example :


IF your PF account Number is DL/CPM/ 6445/581/199  




6445 in the first empty column

581    in the second empty column

199 in the third empty column


IF your PF account Number is DL/CPM/ 6445/199  




6445 in the first empty column

581    in the second empty column

199 in the third empty column

4. Enter your name

In the next box fill your name as in the PF slip. You should give the correct name with correct spelling, unless your name will not match with the EPFO records.

Example:  Jerry Jose

5. Enter your mobile phone number

Enter your mobile Number in the box provided for the same.  Enter one mobile No. for one PF account and the mobile number will be added with your PF account. You will get the Balance as SMS in the mobile No.

If you enter the same mobile number for more than one PF accounts Number. You will get the following warning message.

“WARNING: Information has been accessed for different EPF accounts against the same mobile number several times. Please verify. Any misuse of this facility in any manner will attract suitable legal action under relevant laws.

6.  Agree the terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions carefully in the next box and click on the box for I Agree. IF you are not agree with the conditions written there, you will not get the balance in your mobile.

7. Submit your details

After clicking I Agree the submit button will be clickable and click to submit the details for getting your PF online balance.

After the successful submission of the details you will get the following message

STATUS for Member ID: DS/CPM/0006445/581/0000199

Your EPF balance has been sent through SMS on your specified mobile number. You shall receive the SMS shortly.

**Data updated till 09-07-2012 17:33:35

And you will get your PF balance as an SMS in your mobile number after some time. This is convenient for PF subscribers to know their PF balance and also can check the accuracy of PF amount in your account.

Click to Check EPF Balance online

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How to analyze the financial health of a company

Investing in stocks is the best method of beating inflation, but if you do not have much care you should pay for it with your hard earned money. One of the important strategies of investing in shares is investing shares of strong company and keeping it for a long time. How an ordinary man can analyze the strength of a company? What does the strength mean? Is Iron and Steel Company is stronger financially than cotton textile industry? If not, what method one can analyze the strength of a company to invest in its shares? Here, the strength of a company means financial strength. How can we determine the financial strength of a company? There are so many ratios to be analyzed to reveal the financial health of a company. The following 5 parameters can enough to know the financial strength of a company.

Earnings per Share (EPS)

This is the prime parameter to determine the financial health of a company.  EPS determines the profitability of a company. It is the net profit (after deducting Dividend to preference shares) available to each unit of shares. One can easily determine the EPS by dividing the net profit – dividend to preference shares by the number of shares.

For example, The net profit of a company is 100000 and dividend to preference shares for the year is 10000, and if there are 1000 shares allotted by the company, the  Earnings Per Share is (100000-10000)/1000 = 90.

Net Sales

This is the next financial parameter to determine the financial strength of the Company. Net Sales are the total sales (Gross Sales) deducted by sales returns, allowances and discounts or reduction allowed against sales. The formula for deriving net sales is Gross Sales – sales return- discounts, allowance and reductions.

Book Value per share (BVPS)

The next financial parameter is the book value per share. BVPS is also known as net asset per share or equity per share which shows whether the shares of a company is undervalued or overvalued. The BVPS is calculated by dividing the net asset (Assets – Liabilities) by the total number of shares.

Examples: A company having asset of 10, 00,000 and all outside liabilities (liability excluding equity share capital) are 500000 and there are 1000 shares. The BVPS is (1000000-500000)/1000 = 500.

Return on invested Capital (ROIC)

ROIC determines how well a company uses its investments to make a profit. It is a ratio of working capital and fixed assets with net operating profit of the company. This net operating profit also considers by reducing tax applicable to the company. So the formula, for deriving ROIC is Net Operating Profit after Tax / (working Capital + Fixed Assets).

Debt to Net Income Ratio

This is also known as debt to Net profit ratio. It tells us how many years required paying off a loan with the net profit of a company. This means the required time to pay off debts without much difficulty. I f the result is 3 (years) or less than 3 one can determine that the company has a strong financial health. Debt to Net profit Ratio = Total debt / net profit.

With the help of the abovementioned 5 financial parameters, one can decide whether he can buy the shares of a company and can make a profit out of them or not.  You must analyze the abovementioned parameters for about 10 years. If, EPS, Net Sales, BVPS and ROIC should increase 8% to 12% every year and Debt to net income ratio must be equals to 3 or less than 3, one can determine, the company is financially strong. If Invest in such companies the possibility of loss will be remarkably less, even if, the past performance of a company may or may not reflect in future. To know the profitability of a share, there are certain other conditions also to be evaluated, but these financial ratios are remarkably much essential to analyze the financial health of a company.

Financial health of a company

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Job highlights of Employment News 07 July 2012

Employment News Weekly issued its latest issue, Employment News (07 Jul - 13 Jul 2012). Employment New Informs its readers about the latest government job vacancies and its related matters. One can apply for a government job with the information provided in Employment News. We listed below the job highlights of Employment News 07th July, 2012 to 13th July, 2012 as usual.

1. Indian Overseas Bank invites applications for recruitment of 1500 Clerks. Closing date for online Registration : 14.07.2012.

2. Indian Bank requires 1201 Clerks. Last Dated for online Registration : 13.07.2012

3. Ordnance Factory, Bhandara requires 668 Storekeepr, Fireman, Durwan, Boiler Attendant, Danger Building Worker, Fitter, Labourer etc.

4. South Eastern Railway, needs 363 Jr. Stenographer, Commercial Clerk, Jr. Clerk, Jr. Accountant Clerk, Ticket Examiner etc. Last date : 06.08.2012

5. North Central Railway, Allahabad requires 140 JE, Technical-II, Tech-III, Traffic Apprentices, ASM, Goods Guards, Ticket Examiner, Jr. Clerk-cum-Typist etc. Last Date 30.07.2011.

6. East Central Railway, Hazipur requires 30 Jr. Clerk, Accounts Clerk, Commercial Clerk and Stenographer. Last Date 19.07.2012.

7. North Eastern Railway Gorakhpur requires 65 Junior Engineer, Goods Guard, Assistant Station Master, Commercial Clerk, Ticket Collector, Junior Clerk, Accounts Clerks etc. Last Date: 06.08.2012.

8. Sashastra Seema Bal requires 326 Assistant Sub-Inspector (Tele) and Head Constable (Tele). Last Date : 31.07.2012

9. Airports Authority of India, Kolkata requires 72 Junior Assistant (Fire Service). Last Date : 30.07.2012.

10. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre requires 62 Technician ‘B’ and Catering Attendant ‘A’. Last Date : 23.07.2012

The abovementioned job listing is the job highlights of Employment News (07 Jul - 13 Jul 2012). Please refer the Employment News for more details about each job vacancy.

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Income Tax Return Forms for AY 2012-13 (Excel format)

43 ways to reduce your income taxDownload Income Tax Return form for  the Assessment Year 2012-13 (Financial Year) 2011-12. Various Income tax forms and who can use each type of forms are shown below. Just see which form is suitable for you and download it. You can download the ITR in excel format and Helping Manual of each ITR in PDF Format.

Download the appropriate Income Tax Return Forms to submit online income tax return and offline income tax return ITR-1 to ITR-5 Can use for online income tax submission

See how to submit Income Tax Return Online (Step by step guide)

ITR-1 – Sahaj- for Individuals having Income from Salary & Interest.

This Return Form cannot be used by any resident having any asset (including financial interest in any entity) located outside India or signing authority in any account located outside India.

Download ITR-1      Download Help Manual

ITR-2 - For Individuals & HUFs not having Income Business or Profession from.

Download ITR-2     Download Help Manual


ITR-3 - For Individuals/HUFs being partners in firms and not carrying out business or profession under any proprietorship.

Download ITR-3     Download Help Manual

ITR-4 - For Individuals & HUFs having income from a proprietary business or profession

Download ITR-4     Download Help Manual


ITR-4S (Sugam)- For Individuals/HUF having income from presumptive business

Download ITR-4S     Download Help Manual


ITR-5 - For firms, AOPs,BOIs and LLP. Download

Download ITR-5 (PDF Format)       Download Help Manual

ITR-6 - For Companies other than companies claiming exemption under section 11.

Download ITR-6 (PDF Format)     Download Help Manual

ITR-7 - For persons including companies required to furnish a return under section 139(4A) or section 139(4B) or section 13(4C) or section 139(4D). (Not available for e-Filing).

Download ITR-7   

Download appropriate ITR and file your income tax return for the assessment year 2012-13

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Froex Trading - Advantages of Forex trading

Forex Trading or Foreign Exchange Trading is trading with currencies of various countries. A forex trader makes a profit from the changing value of currencies. Buying and selling currencies is currency trading when these buying and selling is doing with foreign currencies, which is forex trading. Have you ever think that why people turn to forex trading for making profit? Are there any advantages in forex trading? Let us examine some of the advantages of forex trading.

Start Forex Trading with lowest investment of $10

Open throughout the day. Forex market is a global market, and it opens throughout the day. It is 24 hours market and opens for all weekdays from Monday to Friday. Unlike the stock market, all market fluctuations quickly affect in forex market. A forex trader can realize the execution of an order at-once other than the stock market.

High liquidity. Liquidity in forex market is remarkably high when compared to stock market. One can easily convert any currency to another one.

Forex Trading Platforms - Be a profit making forex trader

Make money in any trend. In the stock market, there is bearish trend and bullish trend. There is no such trend in forex market. One can make money even when the value of one currency is going down. The theory is that when the value of one currency diminishes the value of other one increase. So loss due to changing fluctuation is remarkably less.

Minimum number of products. In forex trading, there is a limit for currency pairs, but, in the stock market there are thousands of shares and always make confusion to the investor. He cannot easily decide in which shares to be invested. Currencies are limited, and a forex trader can easily decide in which currency pair the investment should make.

Minimum investment. In forex trading one can start with a bare minimum of $50. $300 is enough to start a forex trading business. The trader can make a reasonable profit from small investments.

Automate your forex trading

Free Trading Practice. Most forex trading platforms allow the traders to trade with a Demo Account. The trader should not invest money till they get enough experience in forex trading. They can make a demo account and can trade with free virtual money till they become an expert. When they feel that they can trade with real money, then only he should invest money and start real trade. They will not lose money while they practice forex trading with a demo account.

With all the above mentioned advantages, an ordinary man can do a competitive forex trading, and can make a decent profit out of the forex trade. Start forex trading and make profit from a global foreign exchange market.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How to make a retirement plan while you are working

How Retirement Plan While we are working, we have income and can lead our life smoothly. We can manage our expenses with the regular income we get from our employment or business. Did you think ever that once you must retire from your service or business? How can you survive that time without having a regular income? Need of a complete retirement planning starts here. How can you plan your retirement when you are working? A good portion of employees and business people could not meet all their financial needs with their regular income they earn. In such a situation how could they put of a certain percentage of their income for retirement plan? Following tips help you to plan your retirement while you are earning.

Spend carefully. You must know your expenses including daily household expenses. You must have a control over your daily expenses. Make a budget and follow the budget strictly. Analyze your expenses and avoid unnecessary spending. Make a list of all your day to day expenses and know how much you spend for each item. Avoid all items which are not necessary. If you could avoid any such items, add that money to your saving. Remember the old proverb, “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean”.

Start a habit of saving. You may think that you do not have money to save after meeting all expenses, but, remember that, something is better than nothing. Just start a saving with whatever you can. Even if, it is an extremely small amount, do not worry. Start saving with this small amount and deposit it regularly. You can open a recurring deposit in a bank or post office, or in a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), in any mutual fund scheme. The main thing is that you must save regularly, and this regular saving will grow with the power of compound interest and cumulative growth.

Reduce you tax liability. This is another valuable thing that you can add with your retirement plan. Government allows certain tax exempted investments. Some significant investments can deduct from total income while calculating your income tax liability. For example, employees provident fund (EPF), Public Provident Fund (PPF), 401K etc. This investment can be considered as compulsory investments so that you can reduce your tax expenses and at the same time you can earn interest, dividend or growth from such investments. Earnings from some tax saving schemes are tax free.

Keep a healthy habit. Keeping healthy and hygienic habit will reduce your medical bills and medical insurance cost. Include seasonal vegetables and nutrients in your food, which can keep you healthy, and reduce your household expenses. Do daily exercise or walking keeps you healthy one. Avoid costly food materials which may harm you and your wallet at the same time.

Use public transport. Public transport system is cheap, and you can switch over to public transport system, when you go for work if it is convenient. You can save fuel cost and maintenance cost of your vehicle. If the working place is not far away, you can use bicycle, which will good for your heath.

Always go for safe investment. Keep investing your retirement plan in any safe investment scheme such as bank fixed deposit, post office deposits or any such deposit scheme. If you invest in mutual funds, go for debt funds than volatile equity funds, because, this is your retirement savings. If you are a young age, you can also go for some risky investments.

Take adequate insurance. You need Proper insurance protection for your life and all possible financial loss. Proper insurance reduce the risk of a heavy money loss when there are any emergencies. Even if, we could not compensate the emotional side of the loss, we can solve our financial loss through such insurance protection.

Do not eat out your retirement plan. Avoid withdrawing you EPF account or such retirement plan when you want money. Touch those plans only when there are no other alternatives.

Invest the retirement money effectively. When you retire, accumulate all your retirement investments and invest them effectively. The main aim is that you should get maximum regular income from those investments. You can go for any reasonable annuity schemes or any appreciable fixed deposit or dividend schemes. Remember that the income must be certain and regular. You do not have more money to adjust, if the investment scheme fails and you may lose all you hard earned money.

I f you plan well you can lead a successful independent retirement life. Now I remember the famous advertisement of LIC of India, which is never bowing the head before others. Yes, you should not surrender before others even after retirement, if you plan your retirement well in advance.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Job highlights of Employment News 30 June 2012

This week’s employment News is published. The job highlights of Employment News 30 Jun - 06 Jul 2012 is follows. Find a good government job from employment news

Union Bank of India requires 1636 Single Window Operator ‘A’/Clerk. Last Date for online application : 03.07.2012

Corporation Bank requires 317 Probationary Assistant Managers. Last Date for online Registration : 11.07.2012.

Sashastra Seema Bal requires 824 Constables (Driver) Last date : 01.08.2012.

Ordnance Factory, Chanda requires 219 Electrician Fitter, Machinist, Painter, Turner etc. Last Date : 21 days from the date of publication.

South Western Railway requires 91 Commercial Clerk, Trains Clerk, Ticket Examiner/ Ticket Collector, Jr. Clerk-cum-Typist etc. against Persons with Disabilities Quota. Closing Date: 30.07.2012.

Northern Railway requires 73 Traffic Apprentice, Goods Guard, ASM. JE, Jr. Clerk-cum-Typist, Commercial Clerk etc. against Physically Handicapped Quota. Closing Date: 30.07.2012

Western Railway requires 64 Group ‘C’ Posts against Sports Quota. Closing Date: 30.07.2012

The Indian Navy invites applications for Grant of Short Service Commission (SSC) in Technical/Executive Branches. Last Date for online Registration: 16.07.2012.

HQ Maintenance Command, IAF, invites applications for 154 Group ‘C’ Posts. Last Date : 21 days after publication.

Surguja Vishwavidyalaya, Ambikapur requires 65 Principal, Professor Associate Professors and Assistant Professor.

Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi requires 10 Jr. Clerk, Tech. III/Painter, Tech.III/Car Painter, Stenographer (Hindi) etc. Last Date: 28.07.2012.

The abovementioned job lists are the job highlights of Employment News 30 Jun - 06 Jul 2012. Read the weekly for more details.

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E-Filing of Income Tax Return is Mandatory

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) made e-filing of income tax return mandatory for Individuals and HUF those who have an income more than Rs. 10 Lakh from the assessment year 2012-13. A notification has issued in this regard. The e-filing should be from the assessment year 2012013 which is the financial year 2011-12.

As per the notification an Individual or Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) who have a total income exceeds Rs. 10 Lakh in a financial year must submit their income tax return electronically.

A resident individual or HUF who owns any assets located outside India or such a person is a signing authority in any account outside India must submit their income tax return in ITR-2, ITR-3 or ITR-4 should submit their Income Tax Return through e-filing.

Digital Signature is not mandatory. The abovementioned people should submit their income tax return electronically, but digital signature is not mandatory. They can write and send ITR-V for verification of their Income Tax Return.

Electronic return is already mandatory for Company which has to submit their income tax return in Form No. ITR-6, A firm with Form No, ITR-5 and Individual or HUF those who have to submit their Income Tax Return in ITR-4, where the provisions of Section 44AB Applicable.

Electronic return is convenient, fast and secure method of filing income tax return. The tax payers can get their refund immediately; they can track their return filing process and income tax refund status through the website. The Tax payers can view their tax credit including TDS and self payment of tax through the income tax India e-filing website.

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Personal finance software for your financial planning

In this high tech world, you can do all transactions and activities through computer and internet. Then why do not you use a computer and software for panning and designing your financial future, which is quite prominent in your life. We may use pen, pencil, calculator, paper etc., for making financial planning. Somebody may use computer for their calculations and planning which is much easier.

Personal finance software

Now we can see a lot of tools in the internet which can use with a computer and internet connection and a few of them are free. With the help of these tools, we can perform a lot of daily actions easily and comfortably. Personal Finance Software is a financial tool which helps to do all financial calculations, financial transaction and even memorize all your financial dealings. You can make budgets, track your expenses and control your finance. You can manage your debts and even your mortgage loans and investments. With a small price one can avail personal finance software which reduces all efforts of managing your own finance, financial dealings and even track real estate and other investments.

Financial Analysis

With outstanding personal finance software, you can analyze your financial dealings as a whole or a separate financial transaction itself. You can do monthly financial analysis or analysis of an investment etc. The salient feature is that you can customize this application as per your personal finance needs and can derive your desired result or effect.

Budgeting makes easy

Even if you are earning and spending your own money you can have a budget to take overall control of income and expenses. One must learn to spend as per his income, unless he may be insolvent. Budgetary control helps one to manage and correlate his income and expenses. A wise person will never spend more than he earns. Personal finance software helps one to analyze his expenses and income, and make an appropriate budget, which can lead one to a personal finance victory stand.

Pay your bills in time

If you fail to pay your payment bills such as credit card bills and utility bills. You have to pay fine and interest. At the same time, your credit score will come down automatically. Personal finance software reminds you when such bills and payments are due, and you can escape from all such difficulties.

Keep your bank balances

A personal finance application is helpful to know your bank balances. You can keep track of all your banking transactions. You may reconcile your bank account easily. Locating the status of a check issued or deposited is much easier with personal finance software.

Make your life easier

A Personal finance software makes financial transaction easy. A busy person like you could not remember all your financial dealing and requirements. This application helps you to do all such financial dealings easier and it make your life easier.

Find reputable personal finance software and lead a comfortable stress free life.

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