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7 Simple Steps to know your EPF Balance online

The Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EFPO) allows you to know your EPF (Employees Provident Fund) balance online at any time. Just follow these simple steps to know your provident fund balance in your mobile phone.

Read the entire post carefully before visiting the EPFO website.

1. Select PF Office State. From the first window select the State where your PF office is situated (From the drop down Window).  If you don’t know the exact state where your PF office is, please ask your employer.

Data Available For 119 Offices

Total requests served: 7420108 (updated - 11-07-2012 17:45:01)

Select your PF Office State


Example : Select Delhi for the PF office in Delhi where your PF account is maintained

2. Select your PF Office. Select your PF office from the Popup window

Select your EPFO Office

Region NameRegion CodeOffice CodeOffice NameAvailability of Data
DL - DELHI (NORTH)DLCPMDELHI(NORTH)Data available upto 25-06-12
DL - DELHI (SOUTH)DSSHDLAXMINAGARData available upto 11-07-12
DL - DELHI (SOUTH)DSNHPDELHI(SOUTH)Data available upto 09-07-12

Example : Select DELHI(NORTH) if your PF office is Delhi North

3. Enter your PF Account Number. Type your PF Number in the next Popup Window.

Your PF account May Have Alphabets and Numerals. The Alphabetic portion will already be there. You should enter the Numeral part only.

If there is Two set of Numeral Numbers place first set in the first empty column and the second set in the last empty column.

Example :


IF your PF account Number is DL/CPM/ 6445/581/199  




6445 in the first empty column

581    in the second empty column

199 in the third empty column


IF your PF account Number is DL/CPM/ 6445/199  




6445 in the first empty column

581    in the second empty column

199 in the third empty column

4. Enter your name

In the next box fill your name as in the PF slip. You should give the correct name with correct spelling, unless your name will not match with the EPFO records.

Example:  Jerry Jose

5. Enter your mobile phone number

Enter your mobile Number in the box provided for the same.  Enter one mobile No. for one PF account and the mobile number will be added with your PF account. You will get the Balance as SMS in the mobile No.

If you enter the same mobile number for more than one PF accounts Number. You will get the following warning message.

“WARNING: Information has been accessed for different EPF accounts against the same mobile number several times. Please verify. Any misuse of this facility in any manner will attract suitable legal action under relevant laws.

6.  Agree the terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions carefully in the next box and click on the box for I Agree. IF you are not agree with the conditions written there, you will not get the balance in your mobile.

7. Submit your details

After clicking I Agree the submit button will be clickable and click to submit the details for getting your PF online balance.

After the successful submission of the details you will get the following message

STATUS for Member ID: DS/CPM/0006445/581/0000199

Your EPF balance has been sent through SMS on your specified mobile number. You shall receive the SMS shortly.

**Data updated till 09-07-2012 17:33:35

And you will get your PF balance as an SMS in your mobile number after some time. This is convenient for PF subscribers to know their PF balance and also can check the accuracy of PF amount in your account.

Click to Check EPF Balance online

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