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Ad-hoc Bonus, Onam Advance & Festival Allowance in Kerala

Onam Sadhaya in Happy Onam CelebrationOnam is the national festival of Kerala and also it is the harvest festival. All People in Kerala celebrate Onam without any caste, colour or creed variations. By celebrating Onam, Keralites remember the golden days of the ancient King Mahabali who ruled over with honest and justice. This time Onam is on 29th August, 2012. Onam will not be end in one day. It is celebrating more days and the main celebrations are in first three days which is called First Onam, Second Onam and Third Onam. Government of Kerala gives Ad-hoc bonus, Special Festival Allowance and Onam advance to its serving employees, pensioners and family pensioners. This time also government of Kerala decided to give Ad-hoc Bonus and Onam Advance as follows:- 

Ad-hoc Bonus to Kerala Government Employees

Ad-hoc Bonus: Kerala Government decided to give Ad-hoc Bonus of Rs. 3200 to all government employees who have a Total Monthly Emoluments not exceed Rs. 14500 as on 31st March, 2012.

Special Festival Allowance: Those who are not eligible for Ad-hoc Bonus will get a special festival allowance of Rs. 2000. Special Festival Allowance to Service Pensioners Rs. 610 and For Family pensioners Rs. 500. The amount will be disbursed from 23rd August 2012 onwards. Read the Government Order: GO(P)  No.461/2012/Fin Dated 17/08/2012

Onam Advance to Kerala Government Employees

Government of Kerala decided to give Onam Advance to all Government Employees up to Rs. 10000 (in multiples of 500) and the amount can withdraw from 23.08.2012. The amount will be deducted from their salary in five equal monthly installments. This declaration is made through Government Order No. G.O (P) No. 462/2012/Fin. Dated 17.08.2012

Onam Advance to Part-time Contingent Employees

Government of Kerala decided to give Onam Advance to part time contingent employees, NMR workers, Grass Cutters and other categories of Employees up to a maximum of Rs. 2000 and will be recovered in 5 equal monthly installments from their salary. This Onam advance also can be collected from 23.08.2012 onwards. Government Order: G.O (Ms) No. 463/2012/Fin Dated 17.08.2012

With this Onam Advance, Ad-hoc bonus and Festival Allowance Kerala government employees can celebrate their Onam with more cheerful and celebrating mood.

Ad-hoc Bonus, Onam Advance & Festival Allowance to Kerala Government Employees

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