Friday, 10 August 2012

All About EPFO Member Portal

Recently EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation) introduced Members Portal which allows EPF members can register their names and can see epfo member e-pass book and monthly balance. This is a portal which allows each employee to check their own PF Status online. The following points give more idea about EPFO Member Portal.

E-Pass Book is an electronic pass book arranged by EPFO for each registered members and each member can see their EPF account activities including monthly deposit and balance. They can know whether their PF amount deposited and entered correctly in their account. This is just like a bank account passbook which shows all account related transactions which involved money.

Any Employees Provident Fund Member can register with EPFO Member portal and no PF account number or name of the PF office is required for register with EPFO member portal.

Advantages of Registration. A Registered Member can download their PF Account Pass book. But only if the employer uploads online PF challan every month and the account must be active and operating. By downloading EPF pass book a registered member can know his/her PF account activities. The benefit of this portal is only for EPFO Members. IF the PF of any institution maintained in any other trust, this portal is not for them.

User ID. A member is not allowed to use any user ID. User ID must be any government issued Identity card Nos. Such as PAN No. AADHAR Card No. Passport No. etc. and it is convenient to remember by a member at any time. You can input more than one such ID numbers for the same user registration. You can edit any document number you have entered wrongly. But the document number you used to login at the time of edition is not allowed to edit that time. IF you want to edit your PAN number you must login with any other document Number. When you login the system it will ask you with which ID you want to login through a drop down menu.

Choose Your Document

Pass word. The password for this Member Portal is your mobile Number which is also easy to remember. You can change your mobile number in any circumstances. You should login with your old mobile number a can edit the mobile number. A pin number will be given you to your new mobile number and allow you to enter the pin to complete the change. One mobile number can use for only one registration and this will be added with your data.

Pin Number. Every time you login in the member ship portal or you make any request or change a pin number which you get through your mobile should be entered. This is to confirm that nobody is misusing your details and login ID.

Download E-Pass Book. You have to click on the Download epfo member eE-Passbook Link after login to the EPFO Members Portal. Select your PF office and enter your PF code and PF number. IF the passbook is available you will get a Pin in your mobile and enter the Pin to view your PF Passbook. You can save the passbook in your computer. Your EPF account balance since the computerization starts and the monthly deposits and balance can view in the Passbook. You can see all your active PF accounts. IF no contribution received for the past 36 months the account will be inactive. You can transfer such PF accounts to your operating PF account by filling form no. 13.  If there are any missing or incorrect details you can approach your employer for checking the correctness and finally you can approach your PF office for correction.

EPFO Office. If a member does not know his/her EPFO office, use the establishment search from the download e-pass book menu to find your EPFO Office.

With the abovementioned details you can use EPFO Member ship portal and can know all activities of your PF account time to time.

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