Sunday, 5 August 2012

Disbursement of Salary in Advance for Onam Festival

Department of Expenditure under the Ministry of Finance decided to Disburse Salary, pension, wages for the month of August 2012 to Central Government Employees and Pensioners in Kerala in advance on 27th August, 2012. This decision is due to the Onam Festival. Onam is the national festival of Kerala and it is the harvest festival of Kerala. This year (2012) Onam will be celebrated on 29th August, 2012. So the Central government decided to disburse salary a little bit early to its employees in Kerala to make it convenient to celebrate Onam in time. This benefit is available for all central government employees and pensioners in Kerala. They can receive the salary for the month of August on 27th August 2012, 2 days before Onam.

Office Order for the same is issued on 03rd August, 2012. The office Memorandum says that, “all central government employees in the state of Kerala for the month of August, 2012 may be drawn and disbursed by the Central Government Offices (Including Defence, Posts and Telecommunications) on 27th August, 2012.” And this payment is considered as advance payment of the full month remuneration and will be recovered in the same month itself and if there is any balance, this will be recovered in the next month, ie, September 2012.

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