Wednesday, 8 August 2012

View EPF Account Pass Book and Monthly Update of EPF

Now Employees Provident Fund Members can View their EPF Account Pass Book and can check their Provident Fund Account credit every month. Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) requested to all Employers to upload EPF Challan and related details every month to EPFO website. So an employee can register their name in the Members portal and can view and download their Provident Fund Account Passbook and also can see whether the employer credited your PF account correctly.  If not you can approach your employer to rectify it. But this facility is available only if your employer uploaded Online EPF Challan and EPF Return to the EPFO Website.

Benefit of Register with EPFO Website

By registering your name with EPFO Member Portal the PF Members can have the following benefits.

  1. Members  can View their PF Account Passbook online

  2. They Can use any of their ID to login

  3. They Can View all their PF account ( If any) at a single portal

  4. They can Get SMS about the availability of e-Passbook

Requirements to Register with EPFO Member Portal

To register your name with EPFO Members Portal you must have a Mobile Number and any of the following Identity Numbers.

  1. Permanent Account Number (PAN)

  2. AADHAR Number

  3. National Population Register (NPR)

  4. Bank Account Number

  5. Voter ID

  6. Passport

  7. Driving License

Any of the abovementioned ID Number can use for your registration and this ID will be your User ID and Your mobile number (which you can add when register your name) will be your pass word.  You can add more than one ID number (PAN, Passport No. etc) and can login with any of these numbers. The only thing is that you must remember which ID you have used to register with EPFO Website. There is a facility to retrieve your ID by clicking “Forgot Login ?”  button to get your ID in your mobile Number as SMS. This is very much convenient and an employee can confirm whether his/her PF amount has been deposited properly with EPFO.

EPF is considered as a retirement saving and it is important to make available these data to each member and through this Members portal EPFO fulfilled one important ambition of each EPF Member.

Step by step Instructions to register your name with EPFO Member Portal

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  1. I have also reg. at EPFO Member portal on 01/08/2012 but till today i have not received massage for reg. complitaed and no view display on e passbok