Saturday, 29 September 2012

AICPIN (IW) for the month of August 2012 is 214

AICPIN (iw) for August 2012 is 214All India Consumer Price Index Number (AICPIN-IW) for the month of August 2012 increased by 2 points from July 2012 and reached 214. In the month of July there was a 4 point increase in AICPIN (IW) when compare with June 2012.

The biggest upward contribution to the change in the current index came from food prices that rose by 1.24 per cent, contributory 1.31 percentage points to the entire difference. The main increase AICPIN(IW) recorded by the increase in cost of Sugar, Arhar Dal, Wheat & Wheat Atta, Rice, Potato, Mustard and edible oil, Milk Buffalo, Banana, Goat Meat, Onion, medication (Allopathic) and personal Tuition Fee.

The largest decrease is the price of Vegetables and Fruits with a decline of 2.72 per cent, causative (-) 0.42 percentage points to the entire change.

The largest increase of 9 points recorded in Giridih followed by Ludhiana and 8 points, Asansol and Rourkela (7 points each) and Bhopal and Chhindwara (6 points each). Four centers have 5 point increase and 8 centers recorded four points increase. Three points increase in thirteen centers, 2 points in ten centers and one point increase in fifteen centers. Mysore centre according a decline of vi points followed by Bengluru centre with five points, Guwahati with 2 points and seven centers registered a fall of one point every. Remainder of the twelve centers indices remained stationary.

The indices of thirty-nine centers are higher than All-India Index and thirty seven centers indices are under the national average. The changes in 2 centers viz. Vijayawada and Tiruchirapally are same as AICPIN.

AICPIN has a great impact in the cost of living and the Dearness allowance for government employees are determine on the basis of AICPIN. (See how to calculate D.A) Recently the Union Cabinet declared an additional D.A of 7% with effect from 01st July 2012. This is calculated on the basis of average AICPIN from Jan 2012 to June 2012. The order is just released.

The next AICPIN for the month of Sept, 2012 will be released on Wed, October 31, 2012.

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

% D.A - 7% Hike in Dearness Allowance from July 2012

Much Awaited Dearness Allowance Declaration has been done by the Union Cabinet on Monday, 24th September, 2012. This time the % D.A increase by 7% and the total D.A will be 72%. The New D.A is given with retrospective effect from 01st July, 2012. Last time from 01sat January, 2012 also the D.A hike was 7%. The D.A hike is calculated

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="150"]7% D.A hike from July 2012 New D.A increase from July 2012 is 7% and the Total D.A is 72%[/caption]

on the basis of All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers. For the Installment of D.A from July, is calculated on the basis of average AICPIN (IW) from January to June.

The benefit of this D.A increase is for around 30 Lakh Central Government Employees and around 40 Lakh Pensioners. The pensioners also will get this benefit as Dearness Relief.

7% D.A hike from July 2102

Download New 72% D.A order

Download 72% D.A order in Hindi

Download old D.A orders

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Monday, 24 September 2012

Employment News 22 Sep to 28 Sep 2012

Employment News weekly for this week (22nd September to 28th September, 2102) published with new job vacancies. This time in the job highlights  there are Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam & Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology, Kochi requires Scientists. Central Ordnance Depot, Dehu Road, Cordite Factory, Aruvankadu, National Institute of Rock Mechanics, Champion Reefs, Kolar Gold Fields, Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited & RITES Limited, Gurgaon also have certain job vacanices. Read more in Employment

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme, 80CCG Tax Saving

The New Tax saving scheme under section 80CCG named Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme is implemented as per the announcement in the last Union Budget. The benefit of this scheme is available from the financial year 2012-13 (AY 2013-14). This tax gexemption is allowed for an investment mad in specified equity schemes of top 100 listed stocks such as BSE 100 and CNX 100 and public sector companies. These public sector companies are Navaratna companies, Maha ratna companies and Mini ratna companies. Any Exchange Traded Funds or Mutual Funds invested in the stocks these companies are also eligible for tax exemption under this scheme. The maximum exemption amount is Rs. 25000, which is 50% of the investment in these shares up to Rs. 50000 in a year

Conditions for availing Tax exemption under section 80CCG

New Section 80CCG provides Income tax exemption with effect from the   assessment year 2013-14 in respect of investment made under certain equity saving schemes. The deduction under this section is available only if following conditions are satisfied:

This Income tax exemption is available only for Individuals. No HUF can avail this exemption.

The individual must be resident individuals (both ordinarily resident or not ordinarily resident).

The Gross total income of such individual must not exceed Rs. 10 Lakhs.

The listed shares must be in the notified schemes.

The investment must be in first time investment in shares.

The lock in period of investment in this scheme is 3 years.

The maximum exemption limit under this scheme is Rs. 25000 which is 50% of the investment, up to a maximum investment of Rs. 50000.

Only the Investment in the first year is exempted and the investment is subsequent years is not qualified for tax exemption.

If the tax payer is not completed any of the abovementioned conditions, the tax exemption will be withdrawn and the amount will be taxable in the year of default.

Demerits & Confusions of the Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme 

It is not easy for the new investors to find such notified shares in the first time and the benefit is available only in the first time.

In all other tax exemption under section 80C is fully exempted up to a total investment of Rs. 100000. But here only 50% is available for tax exemption.

There are so many confusions in this scheme. It is not certain that if an individual avail only a part of the amount as exemption say Rs. 15000 and whether the remaining 10000 can claim in the next year.

Just for a years Tax exemption of Rs. 25000 the tax payer should open a demat account and complete all formalities of such a demat account, which he could not understand handle easily.

Hammer365: 087/278 Taxes Are Done!

If, the investor violates any condition in the subsequent years the exemption will be withdrawn, so the possibility of considering the investment scheme is very less while calculating the tax liability of salaried employees by the employer for TDS purpose.

As per the prospectus of the scheme the scheme is to promote direct investment in equities. But the conditions seem that the scheme will not be welcomed warmly by new investors. It seems the things are made a little bit complicated.

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Friday, 21 September 2012

7% D.A Hike for July 2012 - Cabinet Meeting Postponed

As per our earlier post the Union Cabinet Committee is likely to consider the Next D.A Increase with effect from July 2012, But due to some reason the Cabinet Meeting is postponed.

"The Cabinet, CCEA (Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs) and CCI (Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure) meetings scheduled for Friday, have been postponed," an official announcement said.

But the percentage of D.A may be unchanged due to the practice of calculating D.A based on the AICPIN -IW and it is already recorded. It will take a few more days to issue the New D.A order, even after approved by the Union Cabinet.

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

7% D.A Hike from July 2012 is for Cabinet Decision

7% D.A Hike From July 20127% D.A Hike is under the consideration of Union Cabinet. If sanctioned, the Central Government Employees will get 72% D.A with effect from 01st July, 2012. No doubt this will be a relief for the recent hike in diesel price and other related consumables. The benefit of new D.A will be for around 50 Lakh Central Government employees and around 30 Lakh pensioners. When the Dearness Allowance increases the Dearness relief to pensioners also will be increased proportionately.

The Calculation of Dearness Allowance is as per the changes of AICPIN (IW) (All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers. See how the calculation is made.

Recently all central government employees got Annual Increment which is on 01st July, 2012 and now they are getting additional Dearness Allowance with effect from July, 2012. And now this is double bonanza for them. But this happens every year, because the 6th Central Pay Commission recommended giving annual increment on July every year. The Dearness Allowance is declared twice every year from January and July.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

List of 917 colonies in Delhi for regularisation

Ministry of urban development of India is going to regularise 917 unauthorised colonies in Delhi. Near about 40 Lakh people those who reside in these colonies will get the benefit of this movement. These colonies will be upgraded to regular authorised colonies with all amenities and convenience just like other authorised residential areas.

Government of Delhi has been completed all necessary ground work for the regulatisation of these colonies and has been issued provisional regularisation certificates very much earlier. But now only 917 colonies out of the list is going to be confirmed.

But afterward seventeen colonies are deleted from the list. Now there is only 900 unauthorised colonies is going to be regularised. After completing all formalities, the revenue department will provide the land status and the sell and purchase can be done with all formalities. The regularisation process will complete only after change of land use and depositing development fee and penalties if any as per the present status of the colony.

Just see the list of colonies has been given green signal from government of India

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Pnb Fixed Maturity Plan – Series B2 - New Fund Offer

Principal Pnb Fixed Maturity Plan - Series B2A New Fund Offer (NFO) from PRINCIPAL Mutual Fund Named Principal Pnb Fixed Maturity Plan – Series B2. Principal Mutual Fund is owned by Principal Pnb Asset Management Company Private Limited (In association with Vijaya Bank). This is a close ended income plan (Fixed Maturity Plan) and the amount invested can be redeemed at 1098 days of the allotment of the scheme.  The Objective of this New Fund Offer is to build an income oriented portfolio and generate returns through investment in Debt or Money Market Instruments and Government Securities.

The NFO opened today 17th September, 2012 and will be closed on 25th September, 2012. There is no entry load or exit load for the scheme. The offer price of a single unit is Rs. 10 and the minimum required investment is Rs. 5000. The NFO details at a glance are shown below:-

Fund Name: Principal Pnb Fixed Maturity Plan – Series B2

Fund House: PRINCIPAL Mutual Fund

NFO opening date: 17th September, 2012

NFO closing date:  25th September, 2012

Offer Price: Rs. 10 per unit

Minimum Subscription in units: 500 units

Minimum Subscription in Amount: Rs. 5000

Scheme tenure: 1098 days from the date of allotment. (Close ended Income Scheme)

The Fund Manager is Pankaj Jain and the scheme will be benchmarked against Crisil Composite Bond Fund Index. The scheme is in both Growth option & Dividend Option. In Dividend option one can choose reinvestment option or pay out option. The asset allocation of the Scheme will be 75% to 100% low to medium risk profile debt instruments and 0% to 25% low to medium risk profile money market instruments.

Those who wish to invest in Principal Pnb Fixed Maturity Plan – Series B2, we strongly recommend reading the Scheme Information Document for more details.

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

ViralURL Helps You to Save Your Money and Effort.

Viral Url link cloakerA Review on ViralURL

You know that internet has a wide chance of making money in various ways. Publishing advertisements in your website or blog, selling your own products or services through internet or selling others products and services through internet which is affiliate marketing. A large portion of internet money makers doing this affiliate marketing and making big easy money, because they are just showing their affiliate link to customers through various internet marketing techniques such as advertising, blogging, social networking etc.

Smart guys are there in internet world also. They steal or tamper your affiliate link and make money themselves with your effort. How can we get rid of this dangerous situation? Only through affiliate link cloaking you can save your affiliate links and efforts. But it is not easy to cloak all links manually for a busy internet marketer. Then he has to automate the link cloaking. The importance of ViralURL begins here. With a free ViralURL membership you can cloak your all affiliate links automatically or manually. It is a link shrotner and link cloaker which protects your business.

The you can get all commissions of your sales through your effort with the help of ViralURL. It could do a lot to an internet marketer or affiliate marketer other than link cloaking.

ViralURL helps to proctect your commission

It helps tp build a mail list.

It helps to track your business activities.

It gives you extra advertising credits.

Yes ViralURL makes your business more easy one.

Till now I could not find any negative impact on using ViralURL. Just join with a free ViralURL account and boost your business.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Promote Your Business with APSense Brand Page

APSense Brand Page from BMCA brand page helps you to promote your business effectively. If you are doing any type of business you can use brand page online or offline. Brand pages can create anybody including owner of the business or agents. In this brand page you can add your social networking profiles which help you to get more publicity. APSense Brand Marketing Center arranges you such a brand page. You can start free of cost and can upgrade if you feel it is useful. With the APSense-Brand Page you can get connected with your customers, clients and partners anywhere in the world easily and effectively. You can use this brand page whether your business is online or offline or both.

Best use of your Social network Accounts

Understand the influence of Brand Page

Manage Social Network Messages in One place

A number of business people now using Apsense Brand Page to give awareness of their product and services to people. It gives you latest methods of publishing your business worldwide. This is not only giving awareness about your business, but it enables them to share your business information to others and then your brand will grow steadily and rapidly.

One of the important thing is that all your business activities published in other social networking websites such as face book, Twitter and may others will be projected in you brand page ( only if you allow to do so). If you use it effectively no doubt it is a great tool to spread out your business to the entire world. You can tune it locally or worldwide.

What is Apsense: Apsense is a Social Network for Business People to do their business activities effectively.

Join With APSense Brand Page Free of Cost


Read More About APSense Brand Page

Sample brand Page
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Job Highlights of Employment News 08 Sep - 14 Sep 2012

Employment News Job HighlightsEmployment News 08 September 2012 - 14 September is published and there are a few Government Job Vacancies are advertised in the Weekly. The Job highlight of the Employment News is listed below for your convenience. 

  1. Eastern Railway, Kolkata requires 4179 Helper II/Khalasi, Porter, Gateman, Trackman/ Khalasi/Valveman, etc Last Date : 01.10.2012

  2. Southern Railway, Chennai requires 2461 Sweeper-cum- Porter, Trackman, Helper Gr. II, Safaiwala and Peon etc. Last Date : 25.09.2012

  3. South Central Railway, Secunderabad requires 1250 Trackman, Helper-II, Safaiwala, etc. a. Last Date : 17.09.2012

  4. West Central Railway, Jabalpur requires 856 Trackman, Helper, Khalasi, Parcel Porter, etc. a. Last Date : 01.10.2012

  5. North Western Railway, Jaipur requires 329 Trackman, Khalasi/ Helper and Khalasi/Pointsman/ Gateman Last Date : 08.10.2012

  6. Staff Selection Commission notifies Junior Translators in (CSOLS) Examination, 2012 a. Last Date : 05.10.2012

  7. Union Public Service Commission invites applications for various posts Closing date for online submission of applications: 27.09.2012

  8. Indian Oil Corporation Limited requires 71 Junior Engineer Assistant-IV Closing date for online Registration: 21.09.2012

The above mentioned job highlights are from the employment news 08 Sep - 14 Sep 2012. Read the Employment News for more details.


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Friday, 7 September 2012

India Infoline Finace Ltd. NCD (IIFL NCD) Pays 12.75%

IIFL Non Convertible DebeturesIndia Infoline Finace Issues Non Convertible Debebtures (IIFL NCD) with an interest of 12.75% per annum. The Amount you invested in this NCD will be doubled in 6 years. The Issue of the NCD is already started on 5th September, 2012 and the issue will be closed on 18th September, 2012.

Peculiarities of India Info line Finance NCD 

(1) Will be doubled in 6 years,

(2) 13.52% effective earnings for monthly option

(3) There are three options for the bond, ie, Cumulative, Monthly and annual interest payment.

(4) The IIFL NCDs are tradable in listed Stock Markets after the Lock in period of 6 years.

(5) There is no TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) for this NCD.

(6) CRISIL Rating is CRISIL AA-(Stable) & ICRA rating is ICRA AA- (Stable)

(7) High Degree of Safety and Low credit risk as per Ratings of Rating Agencies.

(8) Face value of one NCD is Rs. 1000

(9) Minimum Order Quantity is 5 NCDs (Total Rs, 5000)

(10) Three options are available.

(a) Option – I - Monthly interest payment @ 12.75% p.a and will be redeemed in 72 months (6 years) from the date of allotment.

(b) Option – II- Annual Interest Payment @ 12.75% p.a and will be redeemed in 72 months (6 years) from the date of allotment.

(c) Option – III- The interest will be cumulated and will be paid Rs. 2054 at the end of the Lock in period of 6 years.

Advantages of the NCD

Good rate of interest of 12.75% and monthly option gives you an effective rate of interest of 13.52% p.a

High safety investment.

Low risk level

Disadvantages of IIFL NCD

6 years lock in period.

The Bond is not issued by IIFL but India Infoline Finance Ltd a subsidiary of IIFL.

If the investor can afford 6 years lock in period this Non Convertible debenture is a good investment option for low risk bearing investors.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How does money work for you

Make MoneyYou must have heard the work for money. Yes most people are working for money. Money is the media for all buying and selling. In all financial transactions we accept or spend money. In our day-to-day affairs we spend money for all our consumables and services and we earn money with our works and business. You are working for money to do all these monetary deals, but how money works for you, which means money, is helping you to make money. I just got a statement from one webpage which means that the difference between rich and poor is that rich gets interest while poor pays interest. This means for rich money work for them to earn money, but for poor they work for money to give interest and other necessities. When the money starts work for you, you are very near to financial stability. Let us see how this will happen.

Control your expenditures: When you start to control your expenditures the money begins to work for you. You can list out your daily expenses in a notebook and can check what are your necessities and what are your luxuries. Some of them can avoid, if you are running short of money.

Prepare a budget: This is the next step of money work for you. Prepare a budget by considering your income from all sources and expenses. Then you can control your expenses and can save money. Budgeting means not just prepare your budget, but strictly follow these budget items and try to cut your expenses and see which is insufficient and which one is more than enough. Now you are in one more step ahead in your way.

Determine your financial goals. This is the next step of allow money to work for you. You may have many financial goals such as your higher study, marriage; buy a dwelling house, your children’s study, marriage and so on. Determine them and priorities them and decide when you want to meet each of them and how much it will cost you.

Pay off all your debts: Debts are expensive and eating out your wallet in the way of interest. Try to get away from them with high interest one first. Credit card debt is high expensive debt and housing loan is the least expensive. Any way try to pay off all of them from credit card debt to last housing loan.

Start saving money. After you do all the above steps you can save some money and deposit in some saving schemes and here your money really starts work for you. You can put your savings in any regular recurring deposit, post office saving account or anywhere else which gives you a safe return and accumulation.

Widen your saving habit to investment. Here you can go for other investment opportunities which feels convenient and beneficial and now you are much ahead in the way of money works for you. You can earn interest, profit and growth from your investment and you also in the way of letting money works for you. You can use this money for attaining your financial goals.

Here you got an idea that how money can work for you and if you give much attention and care; everybody can meet these steps and can let their money work for them and for their financial needs.

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

AICPIN(IW) for the Month of July 2012 is 212

AICPIN (IW)All-India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (AICPIN-IW) increased  by four points and stood at 212. This is 4 point increase from the AICPIN (IW) for the month of June 2012, a steep increase of four points.

The increase in AICPIN (IW) is from the difference in change or price of daily using food items such as rise, Atta, vegetables, pulses, chicken and edible oils. This time the elevated house rent also affected the increase of AICPIN (IW). The difference in price of petrol also affected the Index.

Highest increase of 18 points recorded in Durgapur center and Howrah center shows a downward tendency in index number. In three centers the index number is remained stable.

For Calculating Dearness allowance to Central Government Employees AICPIN (IW) is considered with the expectation that an increasing in Consumer Price Index increase the cost of living of the people. So Dearness allowance is changing accordingly. See the changes in D.A in each months AICPIN(IW)

Read the AICPIN (IW) Press Release for more details

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