Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How to check your TDS on Salary is deposited properly?

All salaried people are always worried about their income tax and TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) from Salary. All other tax payers should pay tax only for their net income which means income after deducting their expenses. But salaried employees should pay tax for their entire salary except certain deductions such as HRA (House Rent Allowance), Transport Allowance etc. Only thing is that they can reduce their salary income under certain sections (Section 80C etc.) of Income Tax Act and these are same for other tax payers also. But these salaried employees can be proud that they are also contributing to build their nation. They are also paying for each and every development of their nation. But all most all salaried employees are not worried about the proper deposit of their TDS money in the treasury by the employer. Timely deposit of TDS and Timely reporting the details of TDS are mandatory and it is helpful for proper accounting of your income-tax in tax records.

How a salaried employee can check the proper credit of his or her TDS?

Salaried Employees and all taxpayers can view their income tax credit (deposit) and TDS deposit through Form 26AS which is available in the Income Tax Website. For the easy view of this Form 26AS you should register your name with the e-filing website of Check your Form 26ASincome tax department. Just visit the website incometaxindiaefiling and click on the Register on the right side of the website. After clicking on, it will ask for the PAN number. Type your PAN number as on your PAN Card and follow the instructions. Within 2 minutes you can register your name and you will get a confirmation link to your email id which is provided by you. Open the e-mail and click on the confirmation link in the e-mail. Your name is now registered.  Please remember that a question and its answer should be provided while registering your Name. Keep in mind the question and answer. This is needed if you forget your password. You can note down the password any safe place also.

Log in the website with your PAN No. and Password. Down load your Form 26AS from the Dropdown menu View Tax Credit Statement Form 26 AS of the My Account menu.  Select Assessment year and input date of birth and follow simple instructions. You can view you Form 26AS which has all your income tax payments, TDS payments, refunds etc.

I f there is any mistake in your tax deposit, soon inform your employer to correct the details by submitting a correction statement. You can view your TDS from any other sources such as interest etc. through this Form 26AS. IF there is any wrong details, inform the concerned deductor and rectify it.

You can avoid a lot of problem regarding your income tax and income tax return by checking your From- 26AS and be a responsible citizen.

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Sunday, 28 October 2012

How to Invest in Physical Gold and Keep it Safe?

Gold is a precious metal. The value of gold is always showing upward tendency. So investment in gold is safe and protects us from inflation. It acts as a hedge against inflation and deflation. If you stored your wealth in real gold the recession will not affect you seriously. Gold always retained its value and purchasing power. So in case of investing in metals, gold is the easiest to buy, store and resale without loss. Now supply of this yellow metal cannot be correlated with its demand. The demand for gold is always increasing and the supply could not meet its demand. The value of gold never goes down. In this scenario an investment in gold is the best option than any other financial instruments. Investment experts also say that a certain percentage of your total investments must be in gold.

How to invest in gold?

You can invest in gold in many forms. Gold ornaments are very attractive and it helps to increase the beauty of the person who wears it. But for investment purpose this is not the best option. Because, when gold is used to make ornaments, some other metals such as Invest in Gold Bullionssilver or copper will be added with it in the process of making ornaments. So the purity of gold will be lower than the original gold. The resale value of gold ornaments will be less than the value of purchase due to this reason. There are many other forms of gold you can invest in such as e-gold and gold ETF. But investment in physical gold is the best option.  You can invest in gold coins or gold bars which is known as gold bullion  which means high quality gold.

How to keep gold investment in safe custody?

You can buy real gold and keep in safe custody and can sell with a profit whenever you wish to do so. As a precious metal it is not easy to keep gold bullions at home. So we can keep it in bank vaults till we wish to sell it. There are some reliable agencies such as Bullion Vault, which helps you to purchase and keep your gold in safe strong vaults and can sell whenever you want to do so. These agencies give you gold in real lowest price and keep your physical gold in any quantity in safe custody and sell it whenever you tell them to do so. You can transfer money from your bank account for purchasing gold and the deal will be over within a few hours and keep the gold in their safe vaults till you wish to sell it and the sale price also will be transferred to your bank account directly. It is more convenient for the investors.

In this busy life also you can invest in physical gold by using such facilities and can keep your investment in safe custody without any risk of risk of it being stolen. You can assure that this investment will be safe and the risk factor in gold investment is very less. Keeping a portion of your investment in physical gold is a wise decision and at the same time makes sure that your investments are safe and can change it into liquid cash easily whenever you want to do so.

How to Invest in Physical Gold and Keep it Safe?

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tax Saving Options Available for Senior Citizens

Tax saving scheme is a scheme which is helpful to save income tax. Normally a handful of investments such as PPF, ELSS, NSC and Insurance Schemes such as Life Insurance Policy Premium, Medical Insurance, and Unit Linked Insurance Premium etc. allow us to reduce our tax liability a little bit. In the case of senior citizen all these schemes are available for them as tax saving options and a few more options. Senior Citizen Tax Saving

Tax exemption under section 80C 

All tax saving option under Section 80C of Income tax act can also be used for senior citizens to save their taxes. But keep in mind that PPF is for 15 years and NSC for 5 years and Ten years and ELSS for three years. The invested money will be locked up till the maturity period.

Medical Insurance Premium

For medical insurance senior citizen can claim tax exemption for Rs. 20000 Premium per year. Others can claim only for Rs. 15000 premium in a year. But keep in mind that if senior citizens go for a new medical Insurance Policy he or she has to pay a hefty premium. Renewal of an existing policy may not attract that much premium.

Senior Citizens Saving Scheme

Senior Citizens Saving Scheme is only for senior citizens those who completed 60 years of age. This scheme offer regular quarterly income at the rate of 9.30 percent to senior citizens in retirement. For this investment minimum investment is Rs. 1000 and maximum Rs. 15 Lakh and the maturity period is 5 years which may extend by three years. This tax saving is also under section 80C of income tax act and the total tax saving is available for Rs. 100000 including all other 80C savings. Do not forget to submit Form 15H, if applicable to avoid TDS from the interest of Senior Citizens Saving Scheme.

No Tax for the first Rs. 250000 income

Senior citizens should not pay tax for the first Rs. 250000 income. When you consider tax saving and tax planning, note this in mind and try to stick to earlier tax slabs which will taxed only 10% and 20% Tax. For Very Senior Citizen (Those who have completed the age of 80 years) the nil tax limits is Rs. 500000.

Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme

The new tax saving scheme, Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme under section 80CCG is also applicable for senior citizens and others as a tax saving scheme, even if it has some conditions. Read more about Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme

Senior citizen can reduce his or her tax up to a certain extent, if planned well.  Keep in mind the lock in periods and financial needs.


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Thursday, 25 October 2012

How to Cut Costs in the Auto Insurance Department?

When people think of the necessary evils in this world, auto insurance no doubt tops the list for many. With the rising rates, runaround and fine print that come with it, policyholders everywhere cringe each time they get their statement. Since the system shows no signs of changing in the foreseeable future and you will likely need to continue purchasing it, finding ways to cut down on the expenses that come with it can be quite helpful for you and your bank account.

Now, I'm not promising to reveal some big secret that will cut your bill in half or anything, these are just little things consumers either Reduce Car Insurance Costforget to do or let fall through the cracks. By employing some or all of the tips listed below, you could start to see a real difference in your finances in the long run.

Look for Special Deals and Promotions

Depending on your provider and the relationship you have with them, you may or may not be alerted to new offers or deals the company is running for which you are qualified, so it is your job as a concerned consumer to remain cognizant of what's going on. You never know when they'll be running a special that can knock an extra five or 10 dollars off of what you're paying now. Sure, they won't all apply to you, and there may be rules about applying it toward your policy that's already in place, but there's no harm in asking and it is always better to be more informed than less. If you don't stay up to date with offers and promotions, how can you even know to ask the right questions?

Bundle Your Insurance

A rather easy way to instantly shave a few dollars off of your policy is to bundle it with other policies you have such as your home insurance. Many insurance companies offer bundle packages to do just this, and it also works if you have a multi-driver household.
Insurance companies go the extra mile for those that do more business with them to INSURE their continued loyalty. So if you aren't already doing so, bundle your policies today.

Be a Responsible Policyholder

I know this might seem like a vague point, but it simply means to be extra diligent about all that you do, whether you're behind the wheel or not. Pay your bill on time. Discuss any questions you have about your policy with your provider the instant they arise. This can help prevent any confusion or misunderstandings from occurring later down the line. Lastly, DRIVE SAFELY. Always strive to be aware and vigilant on the road to keep you and those around you safe.

Many providers reward consistently good driving with discounts and perks not given to others, so driving safely won't just keep you alive it can also save you some money.

Now, I know these tips might seem a little obvious and straightforward, but they are worth mentioning, especially with the state of our economy. People need all the help they can get to save money. So, if you are looking to cutback, gives these a try!

Sarah Montgomery is a freelance writer who contributes to various sites about cars and auto insurance, including carinsurancequotes.org. In her spare time she enjoys spending time outdoors and learning more about sustainable living. She welcomes your comments and questions below!

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Long Term Life Insurance Policy is suitable or not?

Term life insurance policy which taken for an extended period of time is known as long term life insurance policy. Normally insurance policies are for a short period say one to seven years. But a few people are interested to insure for a long time. If so insurance companies offer a variety of products for long period of time which may be a whole life insurance or any traditional term life insurance.

If people are not ready for paying premium for a whole life insurance policy, they have the choice to choose a long term life insurance. The whole life insurance may be added with some investment opportunities and so the premium may be higher than long term life insurance. So the customer those who do not wish to pay such high premium they can opt this long term life policies.

This long term insurance can be named as Permanent Life Policies which often offer the payment after the death of the insured. Actually these policies are bridging the gap between whole life insurance policy and long term life insurance policies. This is flexible and can choose cash value after a stipulated time period or can go for death benefit to the nominee or can accept as a monthly payment.

But keep in mind that the long term policies are expensive than short term policies, because it should insure the life of the insured for a long time. The risk is higher than short term policies from the side of Insurance Company. You can discuss this matter with your insurance provider or insurance agent. For short term policies the premium may comparatively lesser than that of long term policies. But after a short term say 5 or 7 years, you have to insure for another short term or long term to compensate any unfortunate event. Then you must pay high premium, because you are older than your earlier policy. So you have to pay high premium because of your age. In such a case long term life insurance policy is suitable. For example you are at the age of 25 and join for a long term policy for 5 years with 10000 bucks annual premium for the long term policy for the same cash value is 12000 bucks. But you have joined for the short term policy and after 5 years your policy is matured and you had to join another short term policy for 5 years with an annual premium of 15000 bucks for the same sum assured. But if you joined for the long term policy you premium would continue 12000 bucks even after 5 years or 10 years.

Think all aspects and check from all angles when you choose a life insurance policy. Compare various insurance quotes and check all possibilities before joining a life insurance whether it is long term or short term policy.


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Monday, 22 October 2012

Why you should Invest in Mutual Funds?

If you're finding out the securities market and your investment choices, it's normal that you have encountered the term mutual funds many times. Mutual funds are a special type of methodology for investment within the securities market and dealing to secure your future and retirement. If stocks are sprinters, once it involves in building a nest for egg, then mutual funds are the marathon runners meant to secure that egg in the nest.

Once you will discover that some mutual funds are a little additional aggressive. Once it involves securing your future financial gain than others and in most cases, a safer bet than taking part in the securities market. In fact, many people think about mutual funds are secure type of investments. Whereas they'll create the show a little less flashy and therefore the stunts appear so much but death defying they are doing offer a pleasant steady performance over time which matters within the end.

So why must you invest in mutual funds? Yes, there's no right reason that you just ought to. It continuously comes right down to personal reasons once taking part in the sport of cash investment with stocks, bonds, and the other means that you have got of investment. There are several reasons that mutual funds are interested to investors and we'll reconsider a number of those reasons here. Ultimately, however, it's up to you to make your mind up whether or not invest in mutual funds. Is that the method to select your monetary plans and therefore the safety and security of your monetary future? The reality of the matter is that this determination depends, nearly fully, on what degree of risks you would like to require and the way a lot of your future security you're willing to risk. It may well be that the combination of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds is the best direction for you to move along with your investment bucks.

Stability is the initial reason to a lot of individuals prefers to invest in mutual funds. In the market that's volatile at the best it's nice to understand that the majority mutual funds expertise slow and steady growth over time. There’ll be some days that are higher than others however within the finish there's usually noticeable growth within the funds.

Leaving the headaches to some other person is one more reason that mutual funds are common. Once it involves mutual funds there's a fund manager that's accountable of deciding what to try with the cash that has been entrusted to him by the cluster at massive. This implies that the burden is off your shoulders and you'll really experience your free time instead of payment those hours running over contradictory info regarding market trends that would lead you to a right determination as simply as they might lead you to the incorrect planning. By this manner you get rid of the choice creating to people who are qualified (presumably) to form the determination. You may in fact need to ascertain out the fund manager and his or her performance history.

All about Mutual Funds

Another reason that mutual funds are common and will be for you is that they permit the small guy to save. In a very world packed with very little guys it's nice to understand that we tend to too have the chance to create some cash within the market and secure our monetary scenario once we reach retirement age. Purchase mutual funds are a lot of smaller than it'd be to buy stocks on your own as a result of there's a bunch a set that are basically pooling their monies along so as to create the acquisition. Not solely is that the risk unfold throughout the cluster however additionally the shopping for power is increased.

Whether this can be for you or not, there are some serious benefits to be found by investment with mutual funds.

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

EPFO may give 8.6% interest in 2012-13

Over fifty million subscribers of the retirement and pension body EPFO could get 8.6 per cent interest on their investment throughout 2012-13, more than 8.25 per cent provided within the last financial year. EPFO probably to provide 8.6% interest in 2012-13 to its subscribers of Employees Provident Fund.

The EPFO has figured out 8.6 per cent rate of interest for this financial year. As per the EPFO Sources, Payment of 8.6 per cent interest won't lead to any deficit to the organisation.

The Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) paid 9.5 per cent interest in 2010-11, before sliding it to 8.25 per cent in 2011-12 financial year.

As per the organisation, sources, the EPFO may even pay higher interest of around 9 per cent by appropriating returns on Rs 22,000 crore corpus lying in non operative accounts.

The non operative accounts are those accounts whereby the contribution has not been received for thirty six months. EPFO had last year determined to not credit interest earned from the non operative accounts.

Under normal circumstances the EPFO is anticipated to announce rate of interest for provident fund at the start of the year.

In view of the delay in announcement of rate of interest for this financial year, the trade unions are pressing for an early meeting of the Central Board of Trustees (CBT), the top deciding body of the EPFO, to determine on the rate of interest for this financial year.

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Job Highlights of Employment News 13 Oct - 19 Oct 2012

With a lot of employment news advertisement the employment news  13 th October to 19th October 2012 is published. The job highlights of the same is shown below:-

  1. Western Railway requires 2249 G a n g m a n / T r a c k m a n , Helper/Stores, Platform Porter etc. Last Date: 10.11.2012

  2. Railway Recruitment Boards  requires about 826 Staff Nurse, Pharmacist III, Health  and Malaria Inspector etc. Last Date : 12.11.2012

  3. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited requires 48 Medical Professionals Closing of online  submission of applications : 7.11.2012

  4. Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited, Chennai requires 204 General Manager, Chief General Manager, Hindi Officer, Junior Engineer Grade-II Last Date : 13.11.2012

  5. State Bank of India requires 514 Specialist Cadre officers Last date for online  application : 28.10.2012

  6. Union Public Service Commission notifies Special Class Railway Apprentices’ Examination, 2013 Last Date : 12th November 2012

  7. Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Ltd requires 400 Station Controller/Train Operator, Junior Engineer, Customer Relations Assistant and Maintainer Last Date : 30.10.2012

  8. Union Public Service Commission invites applications for various Posts Closing Date :  01.11.2012

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

How to handle PPF Account in Maturity?

Public Provident Fund or PPF is the best small saving investment scheme which offer tax exemption for the amount invested in and also for the interest derived from the investment. This small investment scheme is considered as the retirement saving of self employed people. Any resident Indian citizen can join in this Scheme. This small saving investment is long term and the maturity period of the PPF account is 15 years from the first investment. One can close the account and withdraw the maturity value only on the 16th year. But an investor can handle the PPF account in three ways after the maturity.

  1. Withdraw the full maturity amount by closing the PPF account. The investor can withdraw the full amount after the maturity and the full maturity value is exempted from Income Tax.

  2. Extend your PPF account for another 5 years block period at a time and continue to contribute every year till the end of the 5 years block period. This is the second option of PPF account when it is matured after the initial 15 years of maturity. You can avail the same tax exemption as per the initial investment period and at the same time you can avail the same rate of interest available for the entire balance in the account. You must submit Form H before one year of the maturity for extending your PPF account with fresh contributions every year. You can withdraw 60% of the maturity value (the balance before extension of the scheme) even if you extend you PPF account for another 5 years.

  3. Extend your PPF account for another 5 years without making further contributions. In this case also you can enjoy tax saving interest for the extended period and can make partial withdrawals once in every year by submitting Form C, but the total withdrawals must not exceed 60% of the balance at the beginning of such extension.

An investor of PPF account can choose any of the above-mentioned options at the maturity of his or her PPF account. The important thing is that one should plan properly as per his or her financial needs. Do not forget to make proper nomination for the fund.

How to handle PPF Account in Maturity?

All about PPF Account

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Retirement Saving is the most effective investment

Earlier most employees had their own retirement insurance plans at work and other people may well be sure of some financial gain when retiring from their jobs. The work provider would beware of fastened monthly retirement payments for the worker and there was nothing to stress concerning. Today the things are changed and workers have to be compelled to confirm that they need some suitable pension plan or they're going to find themselves without getting financial gain once they retire.

It seems that almost all employees find themselves saving insufficient cash for once they retire and this can cause money issues in their future. Employers are currently considering and providing some reasonably new retirement plan to staff, that each employers and workers may benefit from.

Some concepts that workers are considering to boost things and creating enrollment in savings plans automatically and increasing the utilization of annuities to save lots of cash for the long run. Another large leap forward is that the proven fact that employers are getting to introduce investment plans for employees and getting to improve their monetary data.

The Important terms for the “Pension Protection Act of 2006” are being created and within the paper analysis shows the advantages of permitting employers to enter workers in saving programs.

It is tough for firms to compile a portfolio of investment for workers to profit from if they participate in a very savings set up. There are various kinds of investments and it is difficult to determine what specific investments are right for individuals. That’s why most portfolios contain variety of various investments. They sometimes contain stocks, bonds and mutual funds and employers will produce a close data package for workers to enter the money market.

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Friday, 12 October 2012

SBI Unfixed Deposit Gives High Interest and High Liquidity

sbi unfixed deposit offer high return and high liquidityState Bank of India has introduced an investment cum banking plan of unfixed deposits where the depositor gets High Rate of Return for their deposit and at the same time a High Liquidity on their deposits.

SBI offer 8.5% interest per annum on Bulk deposit of Rs. 1 crore and above for a period of minimum 7 Days till 180 Days. The customer can withdraw the whole money or a portion of that anytime after 7 days without any change in interest rate. There is no penalty for the early withdrawal of your deposit. But if you withdraw money before completing 7 days you will not get any interest. This deposit plan is suitable for individuals and institutions, because the investor can enjoy high liquidity as well as high interest rate.

Those who do not have such a big amount to deposit in this scheme (Rs. 1 Crore), you can avail the benefit with a small difference in interest rate.  You will get an interest of 7.25% per year for the investment from 7 days to 179 days. This deposit offer liquidity as same as a savings bank account but offer a high interest rate than savings bank account. State Bank of India Unfixed Deposit scheme offer an interest rate almost equal to a fixed deposit, but for fixed deposit you can withdraw money only after the time period of investment, if not whole or a part of interest may lose.

The interesting thing is that you can withdraw money from your unfixed deposit without any prior notice, but without losing interest if the withdrawal is after 7 days of deposit.

Income Tax and TDS: The interest on unfixed deposit is treated as same as interest on fixed deposit for tax purpose. See How to avoid TDS from interest

Partial withdrawal: In case of partial withdrawal the balance amount will attract the same interest rate till the closing of account.

We strongly recommend you to keep your money in SBI unfixed deposit and enjoy high interest rate as a fixed deposit and high liquidity which is almost equal to a savings bank account. Whenever you need money withdraw without losing any interest for the time period.

SBI Unfixed Deposit Gives High Interest and High Liquidity

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Monday, 8 October 2012

Employment News Jobs 06 Oct-12 Oct 2012

Employment News 06 Oct-12 Oct 2012 has a few job vacancies and now you can avail employment news weekly online also. Just register and log in with your subscription number. The job highlights of employment news included jobs in Ordinance Factory, National Aluminium Company Limited, ITBP, Hindustan Insecticides limited and container corporation of India Limited. Read the

Job Highlights of Employment News 06 Oct-12 Oct 2012

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Choose the Proper Bank Account for You

Choosing the proper bank account is often tough, with such a big amount of numerous similar choices on the market, it will simply appear easier to select the primary account you encounter. Though several accounts do have similarities, if you do not search around then you will not get the most effective deal for your requirements. If you would like to find out a bank account which is the most effective for your requirements then follow these simple steps:

How many Bank Accounts You Have?

Many people have many current accounts or savings accounts, but they're not obtaining the most effective out of. If you choose the proper accounts then you'll solely like one main account and one bank account for your personal use. If you've got an oversized variety of accounts, then this is the time to consider merge them with one or 2 accounts that is the best to serve your requirements.

Don't Act as a Lazy Investor

The first step to finding the proper bank account for your requirements is to begin being active and looking out for a brand new account. Banks believe the actual fact that you simply measure too lazy to ascertain your fees to examine if they're value your whereas. It’s possible that you just pay fees and rates monthly that measure over you wish to pay, or for services that you simply do not want. If you're proactive then you're extremely possible to induce a decent deal.

What Features you Need

Once you've got determined that your current bank account isn't absolutely serving your requirements, then you wish to seem at what options are most significant to you. Are you transferring plenty of cash electronically, or do you write cheques to get things? Some accounts can have higher rates for those options; therefore you wish to make a decision what you're planning to use the account for.

Net Banking or Online Banking

You have to check that whether you bank account offer online banking or net banking. If you merely would like basic checking and savings services, then having on-line banking may not be worthwhile. However, if you wish to access your cash quickly and be able to transfer between accounts or pay bills immediately, then should open a bank account that has on-line banking options.

Current and savings accounts

There are several account variations on the market for each current accounts and savings accounts, and it's even attainable to urge combined current and savings accounts. The kind of account you wish depends on the options you wish and therefore the quantity of cash you'll be paying in and out of your account. If you've got an oversized quantity of savings, then you would like a bank account with the most effective rate of interest to require advantage of this. Also, if you've got comparatively very little cash in your bank account then you mustn't select an account that needs a minimum quantity be paid into the account monthly.

Where to search a proper bank account

Now that you simply recognize what form of account you would like, you wish to search out the proper establishment to fit your requirements. Though ancient banks ought to be your 1st port of decision, you must conjointly inspect credit unions and on-line banks to search out the most effective bank account for your requirements.


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