Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How to check your TDS on Salary is deposited properly?

All salaried people are always worried about their income tax and TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) from Salary. All other tax payers should pay tax only for their net income which means income after deducting their expenses. But salaried employees should pay tax for their entire salary except certain deductions such as HRA (House Rent Allowance), Transport Allowance etc. Only thing is that they can reduce their salary income under certain sections (Section 80C etc.) of Income Tax Act and these are same for other tax payers also. But these salaried employees can be proud that they are also contributing to build their nation. They are also paying for each and every development of their nation. But all most all salaried employees are not worried about the proper deposit of their TDS money in the treasury by the employer. Timely deposit of TDS and Timely reporting the details of TDS are mandatory and it is helpful for proper accounting of your income-tax in tax records.

How a salaried employee can check the proper credit of his or her TDS?

Salaried Employees and all taxpayers can view their income tax credit (deposit) and TDS deposit through Form 26AS which is available in the Income Tax Website. For the easy view of this Form 26AS you should register your name with the e-filing website of Check your Form 26ASincome tax department. Just visit the website incometaxindiaefiling and click on the Register on the right side of the website. After clicking on, it will ask for the PAN number. Type your PAN number as on your PAN Card and follow the instructions. Within 2 minutes you can register your name and you will get a confirmation link to your email id which is provided by you. Open the e-mail and click on the confirmation link in the e-mail. Your name is now registered.  Please remember that a question and its answer should be provided while registering your Name. Keep in mind the question and answer. This is needed if you forget your password. You can note down the password any safe place also.

Log in the website with your PAN No. and Password. Down load your Form 26AS from the Dropdown menu View Tax Credit Statement Form 26 AS of the My Account menu.  Select Assessment year and input date of birth and follow simple instructions. You can view you Form 26AS which has all your income tax payments, TDS payments, refunds etc.

I f there is any mistake in your tax deposit, soon inform your employer to correct the details by submitting a correction statement. You can view your TDS from any other sources such as interest etc. through this Form 26AS. IF there is any wrong details, inform the concerned deductor and rectify it.

You can avoid a lot of problem regarding your income tax and income tax return by checking your From- 26AS and be a responsible citizen.

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