Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy & Prosperous New Year

Wish you a happy New Year

Wish you a happy New Year. Let colourful flowers bloom in your life throughout this new year. Let your dreams become flowered in the New year.
















Sunday, 30 December 2012

SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses Fund– Mutual Fund 2013

SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses is an equity related growth mutual fund. One of the leading mutual fund on behalf of its performance in the past 3 years. Even if it is a high risk investment scheme it rewards well to its investors. Its high performance shows that the growing trend may continue the next year also.

Investment Objective:-  Emerging Businesses Fund would be to participate within the growth potential given by varying corporations that are thought-about emerging and have an export orientation or outsourcing opportunities or are globally competitive. The fund may additionally  measure rising businesses with growth potential and domestic focus.

Scheme details 

The SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses is anOpen-Ended Mutual Fund. The investment plan of the mutual fund is growth plan. The Launch date was in 17th September, 2004. The Mutual fund is benchmarked in BSE-500 with an asset size is Rs. 733.80 Crore. Minimum required investment is Rs. 2000. Fund Manager is Mr. R. Srinivasan. There is no entry load for the Scheme, but there is an exit load of 1%, if the mutual fund is redeemed or switched out within one year of allotment of the fund.

Asset Allocation : The pooled money of investors invested in around 90% in equity related assets and another 10% in cash and other financial instruments.

As per the past performance this mutual fund can be considered in your invest portfolio for the year 2013, even if the statutory warning of mutual fund is that the past performance may or may not be happening in the future.

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Thursday, 27 December 2012

What are the Important Life Insurance Riders?

Life insurance is a must at this current scenario. One could not predict what will happen in future. So a life insurance will secure the financial future of the family, if the unexpected death or disability of the bread earner happened. But when you take a life insurance policy, look for the available riders of the policy. A life insurance rider gives you additional benefit which plugin with the original policy with an additional payment. It is really beneficial to the policyholders or nominees. When one claims and earn Important life insurance ridersthe rider benefit, the rider will be over, but the original policy will remain till the time period or the death of the life insurance policy holder. Let us examine some important life insurance riders which are beneficial for the insured and his nominees.

Life Insurance spouse rider. Spouse rider helps to insure the life of the spouse of the person insured with a nominal additional amount. The benefit is that with one insurance policy you can insure the life of a couple. No need to fill out another policy document. The insured can deposit premium in one go. Low premium than taking two policies.

Accidental Death rider. Accidental death rider gives an additional sum insured, if the insured person died due to an accident. This rider normally provides double the insurance amount while the death occurred by an accident. But read the definition of accident in any particular policy before joining the rider.

Premium Waiver rider. Premium wavier rider allows to waive premium, if the insured becomes disabled due to any accident, illness or loss of income. This may be permanent or temporary.  If the disability or loss of income is only for a temporary period the premium will be waived only for the period. If it is permanently the premium will be waived forever till the end of the insurance term. This is more effective for child insurance policy. If the death or permanent disability of parent or guardian those who pays premium may be happening, the premium will be waived for the entire tenure of the insurance. Read the terms and conditions of the policy before joining this premium waiver rider.

Guaranteed Insurability rider, family income benefit rider, accelerated death benefit rider, child term rider, long term care rider, return of premium rider etc., are other important life insurance riders when you consider a life insurance policy. The terms and conditions of each rider may vary from insurance company to insurance company and insurance policy to insurance policy. So consider adding riders with your life insurance policies after verifying each rider carefully.

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

How to Choose your Forex trading account wisely?

Forex trading or Foreing Exchange Trading is becoming popular and one can make money with the exchange of currencies of different countries. This Forex can be considered as an investment or business which help you to grow your money. Unlike traditional investments Forex also has a high risk, a risk of losing all your money within no time. Only an experienced person can do this trading with currency pairs successfully.  First of all you must know how you can learn currency exchange trading.

Almost all Forex trading brokers allow you to join with them in a demo account. With this demo account one can practice trading Forex  just like a real currency trading. These firms provide you free virtual

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="242"]Forex Trading How to Forex[/caption]

money and can trade with those monies just like real trading on the real platform. You can buy or sell currency pairs and can use all tools and analysis of the website. You can continue this trade till you get enough experience in Forex transactions. When you start to earn more virtual money and attain a good skill you can switch over to real Forex trade by investing real money. With your demo account, study seriously and think that it is your real money and act accordingly.

After getting enough experience in the demo account shift your trade in to real trading account by investing real money. First you can invest the least minimum required amount and it varies from trading firm to trade firm. This preliminary real currency trading account can call as standard Forex account or mini trading account. You can invest from the at least amount of $10 to $1000 as per your financial ability and also as per the terms of your Forex broker. You can practice here with real money and when you feel that you are experienced enough, you can invest more money and can trade with it. No doubt you can earn a good profit from forex trading or a pretty loss. Trade wisely by using all available Helpline and try to earn maximum from the currency trade.

The next step of the currency trading account is managed Forex Trading Account. If you have enough money and do not have time to invest in, you can shift your trading to the experienced professional hands, which is known as managed Forex trading account. Here a third party, a professional will handle your money and Forex trading with his expertise and you can earn almost definite profit. You can open many such accounts if you have enough money to deposit. Here you can choose an account manager to do foreign exchange trading for you or you can opt for robot trading. Anyway you have to pay a good amount for this managed Forex trading. And you can give them the necessary orders from your expertise. But you must have a control and should do periodic verification of the trading, because it is your money which is trading with.

Once you have decided to share your investment portfolio with Forex trading, you can go through these steps and can earn profit from the Forex market. But remember that the Forex market is a risky one and you should invest only a part of your total investment in this upcoming investment trend.

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Why Online stock investment is more convenient?

. First of all you must know the basics of stock trading. If you are experienced  in stock trading you can trade stocks online yourself. Because those who know how to trade stocks and earn profit, just learn how to operate the online trading system and it is enough.

Beginners must try for long term stock investment. Just invest in the shares of good and strong companies with strong economic  power Online stock trading is conveninetand strong popularity and hold it for a long time and sell when the stocks are on high value. This strategy earns you a good profit out of your investment. So your investment and your financial goals should be for a long term and this strategy is suitable for it.

For day trading you must be an experienced person to make profit from the stock. Just buy and sell shares as other traders do. But if you could not identify the right share, no doubt you will be a loser forever. All your hard earned money will be gone within no time.

Now you can join with any stock broking firm for online trading. You must submit all required documents and bank details. You can buy stocks with a few mouse clicks.  You can analyse stock online with these investment platforms. After a few hours self training you can understand the operation. But the real trade is not easy , if you are a beginner. You must learn it with winning and losing experience. If you spend some time regularly you can learn the trick easily. Most stock broking firms offer stock analyse and related lessons. You can learn from this information. As per your commitment you can also be a good stock trader and can perform online stock trading.

One of the important benefit of online stock trading is that one can perform this trading activity in the privacy of their home or any convenient place with a computer and internet facility.  Just login to the website and do trading operation while the stock market is open. Even if the trader is engaged in any other activities also, he can spend a few minutes to do the required operation to perform online stock trading.

The other advantage of online stock trading is easy documentation. The documentation is done automatically and should not even type the details. Everything is done for you by the system itself. So it is easy, automatic and accurate. Never be worried about the documentation.

Electronic transfer of money when buy or sell. This is another convenience while you make stock trading online. Whenever you buy or sell stock through online  platform the transaction will be done automatically and all your money will be transferred correctly.

But the important convenience I felt that when we make stock trading over the phone through the stock broking firm, we must wait for  our turn and at that time the price may go down or gone up. But for online trading we must not wait for anybody else, we can do the transaction whenever we want to do so. We can set our priorities very early the transaction will be done automatically when the preset norms are occurred.

While you are logged into the stock trading website all related details and analysis will be handy to make your decision more accurate and in time. You can easily evaluate your portfolio and can decide whether you should sell a share or hold it. Whether you must buy one or avoid it. For an experienced stock trader all these facilities are convenient and for a beginner these are good guidelines to his way to success through stock trading.

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

SBI Tax Advantage Fund Series II – SBI Mutual Fund NFO

SBI Mutual Fund issues SBI Tax Advantage Fund Series II. The New Fund is a 10 year close ended mutual fund. The NFO will start to issue on 22nd December, 2012 and will be ended on 21st January, 2012. This mutual fund is classified under ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Scheme).

The investment objective of the SBI Tax Advantage Fund Series II is to generate capital appreciation over a period of ten years by investing predominantly in equities & equity-related instruments of companies across large, mid and small market capitalization, along with income tax benefit.

The New Fund is in both Dividend option and growth option. Under

dividend option there is no dividend reinvestment option. The investor can choose only dividend payout option or growth option.

After 3 year lock in period you may redeem the SBI Tax Advantage Fund Series II. There is no switch in option after the NFO period. Only on  the NFO period Switch in is available. But after the lock in period of 3 years the investor can switch out from the scheme.

Tax benefit: - As an ELSS fund the investor can avail income tax exemption under section 80 C of the income tax act.

Asset allocation: - 80 % to 100% accumulated money will be invested in medium to high risk equities and equity related investments. Only 0% to 20% investments will be made in low and medium risk debt and money market securities.

Minimum investment: The minimum investment amount is Rs. 500 and in multiples of Rs. 500 their off.

Exit load and Entry Load: There is no exit load or entry load the NFO

SBI Tax Advantage Fund Series II. SIP option is also not available for the scheme.

The mutual fund is suitable for the investors those who are looking for long term investment over 3 years or more and also wish to invest in securities with growth option.

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Employees PF Deduction is on Gross Salary

A recent decision taken by the EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation) to deduct provident fund contributions from employees is based on gross salary. This will increase the savings of the employees and the expense of the employer. When employees regular contribution increases the contribution from the employer also increase. Ultimately the employee gets more saving from his or her own part and also from the part of the employer.

At present the Provident Fund contribution is on the basis of basic salary which includes basic and D.A (Dearness Allowance). But with the effect of this decision the contribution will be on the basis of Basic salary and all allowances, which is known as gross salary. So the Employer contribution will be more than earlier.

Some employers breaking the salary of employees into different allowances and it reduces their contributory provident fund liability. But now what ever may be the components of salary, the whole lot (gross salary) will be considered for PF contribution. EPFO decided to stop the trend of breaking salary into many parts to reduce the PF contribution.

Even if employees will get more savings, their take home salary will be less, because of more deduction as PF contribution. But this is not considered as a major problem while they get double benefit from their own savings and also from the part of the employer.

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Sunday, 9 December 2012

iWish, ICICI Banks Flexible Recurring Deposit Secheme

You must have seen Ants. They are saving for their rainy days. Each and every piece of grains they save and when the rainy days come they can use these grains to survive. Just like a majority of people saving for their rainy days. They deposit their money in recurring deposits, fixed deposits etc., to satisfy their goals or to use when they could not meet their expenses with the income they earn. Yes they invest in fixed deposit for a time period to earn a little bit higher interest than a savings account to satisfy their rainy days. But for recurring deposit a certain amount of money is to be deposited with ICICI Bank iWish Accountregular intervals say 12 months, 36 months etc. For normal people it is not easy. They may not have money at these regular instalment time.

For solving this problem ICICI Bank came with a flexible recurring deposit scheme named “iWish” for its savings bank account holders. This is the first time in India in its kind.

With this deposit iWish recurring Deposit scheme you can deposit different amounts of money at any time you wish to do so (In normal recurring deposit you deposit a fixed amount of money in fixed regular instalments). No penalty will be charged, if you could not deposit one or more installments.

The minimum time period of this flexible recurring deposit is 6 months and the minimum of Rs. 500 is required to open ICICI Bank iWish account.

The interest rates vary from 6.5% to 8.5% as per the terms of the recurring deposit.

You can create several financial goals and can track the progress of all goals through online.

Any Savings Bank Account holder of ICICI Bank those who have online accounting facility can open iWish account through his net banking account.

The interesting facility they offer is, the customer can share his or her goals through Facebook and their friends or relatives also can contribute to this recurring account from their bank account.

This is the first time in India and ICICI bank developed this iWish recurring deposit with the help of Social Money (United States).

We hope that the new Recurring Deposit Scheme is interesting and able to satisfy the financial needs of common man.

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Online Investment Opportunities

You must have heard making money on the internet. Most of these are making online work at home program or online marketing program to make money. But here we can concentrate to investing money online and make a profit out of it. You may think that this may be about  spam or Phishing websites which offer more money by investing a small amount.  But here we can see the actual online investment opportunities.

Online stock investments

When we think about online investment, Invest  in stock through online is the former one we can think about. There are a lot of online stock trading brokers' websites which offer online stock trading. Online investment opportunitiesThese online trading is easy for all transactions and documentations including demat facilities. Now a majority of such online stock trading is handled by automated programs. But for beginners it is not easy to trade with stock and earn profit. You should study  the stock and the company before investing in it. Buy stocks of strong powerful companies and hold for a long period of time is secure your investments  whether it is done online or through a broker firm.

Online mutual funds.

Now mutual funds also can be purchased and redeemed online and it is safer than online stock trading. You can invest through your demat account or through the website of the particular fund house. Normally online stock broking firms take a small one time charge for doing this transaction. Just find a few good mutual funds and invest in them through one time investment  or SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) can earn a good profit after a certain period of time. Mutual funds invest the pooled money of investors in shares and securities and the chances of loss is there also. You must have heard the statutory warning of mutual funds that the past performance may or may not repeat. Risk involvement is also  there in mutual funds. But the low risk involved than stock trading, because the mutual fund is handled by expert fund managers.

Online Forex trading.

Online Forex trading or foreign exchange trading is also a good method of investing online. One must have experience in Forex trading to get a good profit out of them. Unlike stock exchanges Forex trading is round the clock in all 5 days of a week. So you can trade it at a convenient time. But the risk factor is there also. One cannot predict the changes in value of one currency with another. Only an experienced trader can make profit  with Forex. But most of the Forex trading websites allow you to learn Forex trading with virtual money which is offered by them and after getting  enough experience one you change over to real money trade.

Online commodity trading.

This is another method of investment with a business nature through online. They take benefit from the changing value of commodities. You  must take much care in commodity trading to get a good profit. The chances of Loss is also there.

Other online investments.

Some websites offer online investment. One can invest any amount and they offer regular interest income or growth of your investment. But the reliability of those websites must be double checked before investing in those websites. Some fake websites also offer this type of investment opportunities. In my opinion you never go for such investments, because nobody can confirm whether it is good or bad. Such quick rich program may lose all your hard earned money.

Online investments are easy and can make all documents electronically. Electronic redemption also there and the investor must not take much effort in investing and redemption or sale. It is convenient for a busy man. The only thing is that he should give much care for this investment and check them regularly after fixed intervals.

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Monday, 3 December 2012

Job HIghlights of Employment News 01 Dec-07 Dec 2012

Employment news  01December - 07 December 2012 published in time. This time there are a lot of Government Job Vacnacies are called. Eastern Coalfields Limited inviting application for 874 various job vacancies. The others are AGricultural Scientist Recuritment Board, Ordanance Factory, CSIR, etc. are also have requirement of Staff. The following are the job highlights of Employment news 01-Dec to 07th Dec 2012.

  1. Eastern Coalfields Limited invites applications for 874 various posts. Last date : 25.12.2012

  2. Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board, New Delhi notifies employment news job listingAgricultural Research Service Examination-2012 Vacancies : 431, Last date : 18.12.2012

  3. Ordnance Factory, Varangaon requires 371 Tradesmen (Semi- Skilled) Last date for submission of online application will be 21 days.

  4. Council of Scientific and  Industrial Research, New Delhi notifies combined Administrative  Examination-2013 for recruitment to the 100 (Approx) posts of Assistant Grade-I. Last date : 31.12.2012

  5. Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited requires 93 Foreman, Junior Superintendent, Operator and Technician etc. Last date : 17.12.2012

  6. ESI Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences and Research and ESIC Hospital and Occupational Disease Centre (EZ), Kolkata, requires about 87 Staff Nurse, Pharmacist, Nursing Orderly, Dresser etc. Last date : 7.12.2012

Read the current version of employment news for more reated information.

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

AICPIN for the Month of October 2012 is 217 points

AICPIN-IW (All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers) for the month of October, 2012 is 217 points. This is 2 points more than the AICPIN-IW for the last month, 2012, September.

The increased price of food materials such as Rice, Wheat, Atta, Milk, Tea, Snack, Onion, Cooking Gas, Electricity Charges, Firewood,
ACPIN for the month of October 2102Medicine etc., contribute a major part in increasing the AICPIN - IW. At the same time decreased price value of edible oils such as groundnut oil, Coconut Oil, Vanaspati, Palm Oil etc., helps to hold the
Index Number in a certain level.

The highest increase of 6 points recorded in Monger Jamalpur and Siliguri centers and in 6 centres the index shows one point decrease. Price Index Numbers of 16 centers maintain stability.

AICPIN-IW is considered as the base for determining the Dearness Allowance of Central Government Employees. A high index number shows the high cost of living and the Dearness allowance also will be more due to the increase of Price Index.

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