Saturday, 1 December 2012

AICPIN for the Month of October 2012 is 217 points

AICPIN-IW (All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers) for the month of October, 2012 is 217 points. This is 2 points more than the AICPIN-IW for the last month, 2012, September.

The increased price of food materials such as Rice, Wheat, Atta, Milk, Tea, Snack, Onion, Cooking Gas, Electricity Charges, Firewood,
ACPIN for the month of October 2102Medicine etc., contribute a major part in increasing the AICPIN - IW. At the same time decreased price value of edible oils such as groundnut oil, Coconut Oil, Vanaspati, Palm Oil etc., helps to hold the
Index Number in a certain level.

The highest increase of 6 points recorded in Monger Jamalpur and Siliguri centers and in 6 centres the index shows one point decrease. Price Index Numbers of 16 centers maintain stability.

AICPIN-IW is considered as the base for determining the Dearness Allowance of Central Government Employees. A high index number shows the high cost of living and the Dearness allowance also will be more due to the increase of Price Index.

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