Sunday, 30 December 2012

SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses Fund– Mutual Fund 2013

SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses is an equity related growth mutual fund. One of the leading mutual fund on behalf of its performance in the past 3 years. Even if it is a high risk investment scheme it rewards well to its investors. Its high performance shows that the growing trend may continue the next year also.

Investment Objective:-  Emerging Businesses Fund would be to participate within the growth potential given by varying corporations that are thought-about emerging and have an export orientation or outsourcing opportunities or are globally competitive. The fund may additionally  measure rising businesses with growth potential and domestic focus.

Scheme details 

The SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses is anOpen-Ended Mutual Fund. The investment plan of the mutual fund is growth plan. The Launch date was in 17th September, 2004. The Mutual fund is benchmarked in BSE-500 with an asset size is Rs. 733.80 Crore. Minimum required investment is Rs. 2000. Fund Manager is Mr. R. Srinivasan. There is no entry load for the Scheme, but there is an exit load of 1%, if the mutual fund is redeemed or switched out within one year of allotment of the fund.

Asset Allocation : The pooled money of investors invested in around 90% in equity related assets and another 10% in cash and other financial instruments.

As per the past performance this mutual fund can be considered in your invest portfolio for the year 2013, even if the statutory warning of mutual fund is that the past performance may or may not be happening in the future.

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