Tuesday, 1 January 2013

AICPIN-IW for the month of November, 2012 is 218

(All-India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial workers) AICPIN-IW for the month of November, 2012 is 218. This is one point more from the AICPIN-IW for the month of October, 2012. The percentage change of one month is 0.46 percent higher than October, 2012.

Normally AICPIN-IW here (AICPIN-IW for the month of November, 2012) is calculated on the basis of the price fluctuation of daily using commodities such as rice, wheat, vegetables, Atta, Medicine, vehicle hire charges etc. This time the price variation in food items gives a major contribution in ACIPIN. But the diminishing change of the price of pulses helped a lot to control the increase of AICPIN over 1 point.

The largest increase of 7 points in Consumer price index recorded in Mysore Centre and Vijaywada is just after them with 6 points. The biggest downward tendency shown by Nagpur with two point decrease. In 19 centres the change was stable as last month.

AICPIN for December will be published on 31st January, 2013. The D.A (Dearness Allowance) of Government employees is determined on the basis of AICPIN-IW.  As per the Current Scenario the Next Dearness Allowance for central government employees may be near about 80%. It may increase to One or Two percent more. The real picture will get only after declaring the AICPIN-IW for December, 2012 only. The present D.A is 72% which is declared on the basis of AICPIN-IW from 01st Jan 2102 to 30th June 2012.

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  1. The present DA is 72% and not 71% as stated above. Pl correct it accordingly. Further the present DA was declared on the basis of AICPIN-IW from Ist january 2012 to 30th June-2012 and not up to July 2012 as stated by you.

  2. Thank you for your correction and sorry for the mistake.