Friday, 4 January 2013

Credit Life Insurance Policy Protects Loan

Have you ever thought the after effect of a person die before settle his loan amount? Normally the bank or the loan provider will attach the asset which is mortgaged for the loan. IF there is any personal security the surety should pay off the loan. But if there is credit life insurance policy attached to the loan, the insurance company will deposit the outstanding loan amount and settle the loan.

What is credit life insurance. Credit life insurance policy is for
Credit Life Insurancepaying off the outstanding loan amount, if the borrower died before paying off all the loans. The policy amount will be decreased proportionately with the balance of the principal amount. When  the loan amount
reaches zero the policy amount also will reach zero.

Credit life insurance

Credit life insurance protects the dependents of the borrowers if the death of the borrower happens. The dependent will be saved from paying off the balance amount of loan.

Credit life insurance also protects the sureties, when the borrower  expired without paying off the loan. Then the sureties should not pay off the loan as it is paid off by the insurance company itself.

Credit life insurance saves the assets which was mortgaged for the loan. When the death of the borrower happens, the assets will not be attached by the loan provider. The insurance company will pay off the outstanding loan amount.

Life Insurance for credit protection protects the loan providers also. While the death occurred, they should not be worried about attaching the mortgaged assets or get back the loan amount from the sureties or dependents of the borrower.
Totally a credit life insurance policy is a necessity while taking a loan. It protects the interests of all parties related to the loan. So ask for a credit life insurance protection when you go for a loan.


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