Sunday, 13 January 2013

Trade the Virtual shares of your web site with Ranktrader

Ranktrader is a website with a difference. It is an interesting website which can be dealt with as a fun game, but at the same time it acts as a serious SEO website. The website accepts membership only through invitation.  A webmaster can be a member of this website by filling an invitation request or being invited by other  members.

After joining the website you can list your website and can exchange Virtual shares (V Shares) of your  website. You can issue IPOs of Ranktrader trades shares of a websiteyour website and others can buy it with a price. All dealings are through virtual money which is freely issued by the website. But remember that the physical ownership of your website is not transferred or shared with anybody else. That is why the action can be termed as a fun game.

Even if the physical ownership of shares are not transferred, the popularity of a website can be measured by the exchange and exchange rate of shares of a particular website. The website is in its beta stage.

One can list their website by adding them to the site. After verification and approval, the site will be listed on the Ranktrader website. A webmaster can issue IPOs (Initial Public Offerings)  of his website. When the popularity of the website increases the rate of shares also will be increased. One can easily understand the popularity of a particular website by viewing its position in the market place. You can remove your website whenever you wish to do so.

The Ranktrader website owners claim that it is in the beta test period and now they allow free entries through invitation by the members or by filling the invitation request form by the webmasters themselves. I am not sure, whether they will charge fees for membership or start trading of shares with real money after the beta stage. Anyway let us wait and see what would be the next step of this new trend in the internet.


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