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How to Achieve Cheaper Phone Bills

It’s amazing how some things we managed to live without since the beginning of time, shortly becomes nothing short of a necessity in today’s modern world. While it would be tempting to say telephones are an extraneous expense, one you should go without if you are attempting to save cash, it simply is unreasonable in today’s world. Cheaper Phone billsUnfortunately, this necessary expense ends up eating up quite a chunk of money for most people. Fortunately, though, there are ways to have a phone, be reachable, and not have it cost too much money.

Price compares.

Don’t automatically assume that all phone services cost the same amount of money. Different providers have different packages they offer their customers, each with their own drawbacks and benefits. Figure out how you use your phone mostly, what you need it for, and then look for a company with a plan that suits your needs best, for the least amount of money. If you already have a plan, before you switch, call up your current company and tell them if you found a better plan elsewhere- to keep you as a customer, many companies will offer you an even better deal.

Extra Services.

Look at your phone bills for the past few months, and see what your phone usage is like. Do you send a lot of text messages? Make many phone calls? Then look at what services and hidden fees you have in your plan- are there any that you’re paying for that you’re not using? Cancel them.

House or cell phone?

Some people, typically housewives or other people, who spend most of their day in the same place, where they’re reachable by a landline, trying to save money, decide to go without a cell phone, or have a Tracfone on hand for emergencies. Other people, realizing that they’re rarely in one place for long and need a cell phone in order to be reachable at all, opt out of having a landline entirely. Everyone needs to look at their own life and decide if either of these options are good for them- don’t assume, for example, when someone tells you that it’s cheaper to go without a landline, that it necessarily is true for you- do the math, crunch the numbers, and then decide. If going without one or the other is impossible for you, see if you can have both, but make the one you don’t use much a no frills line. Just for an example, your no frills line could be a no long distance fixed line or a pay per minute cell phone.

Cheaper Times and Calls.

Different companies and services offer cheaper rates to specific types of phones or at specific times. Find out when and what those are with your provider. If you have free or cheaper rates for nights and weekends, try to schedule non urgent calls for them. If calling a cell phone is cheaper for you, do that when possible, and if calling a landline is cheaper, do that as well.

Internet to Communicate.

Consider purchasing a Magic Jack- with a one-time fee, you can have an internet based phone line with free calls to anywhere in the US (no matter where you live!) for life. If you and the person you’re trying to reach has Skype, you can call each other (video call even) for free. Or if you need to send a quick message to someone, instead of phoning, email.

Yes, the phones are necessary today. But is that big bill? No way. Penny is a mother who abides by a strict budget and shares her frugal, money saving strategies on her blog, Penniless Parenting. When she’s not busy trying out a new gluten free recipe or chasing her toddler around, Penny contributes her tips on how to live a rich life on a minimum wage on the CareOne Debt Relief Services blog, a company which provides debt consolidation.

How to Achieve Cheaper Phone Bills

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