Monday, 26 August 2013

How to Beat Volatility if You’re a Beginner

If you’re a relative newcomer to the world of forex, then there’s a good chance that you’ve found that your positions tend to be more profitable during less volatile times of day. There are quite a few reasons for this, but if you’re going to become successful, you need to learn how to take advantage of the markets at any time; even if volatility is high.

The first thing to think about is why volatility is having such an impact. Most traders start out by learning about support and resistance levels. When a price appears to be sliding down to a known support, there’s a temptation to buy, in the belief that when the support is hit, the price will bounce back up. On the other hand, if a price is working its way up to a resistance point, strategy often dictates that you should sell in anticipation of the subsequent drop. The problem of course, is that when things are volatile, these two levels can frequently be broken, rendering your strategy less than effective.

The best way to capitalise on volatility is by using the breakout strategy. This method of trading relies on the fact that when prices are fluctuating considerably, they are indeed likely to break levels of resistance and support. When a price moves beyond a resistance cap, you buy, in anticipation that it will continue above that level. When a price drops below support, you sell, again believing that the value will continue to drop.

Using this technical strategy, you’re theoretically able to trade in any situation. You’ll also be better able to cope at different times of the day.

There are two very important things to remember when using the breakout strategy. The first is that the market must be sufficiently volatile. If it’s not, then you’ll find that resistance and support isn’t often broken, rendering the strategy useless. You must also be prepared for when the price inevitably changes direction, which could happen very rapidly after the ‘breakout’.

There are generally a few different ways of measuring volatility, and you should use whichever you find suits you best. Generally, standard deviation over a particular period is enough to show you the times of day that are volatile and those that aren’t.

A final note is of course measuring support and resistance. A simple Donchian channel is generally the best method for this. Simply, this is a channel drawn on a price chart which takes the highest high of the previous x amount of time as the resistance level, and the lowest lo of the previous x amount of time as the support. The time you choose is up to you, but 20 hours is one of the most common for day traders. The CMC Markets education section has more information on identifying trends if you’re unsure.

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Friday, 9 August 2013

Investing in Your Future: Benefits of Retirement Planning

For many people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, retirement seems a very long way off, and many fail to give it a second thought. Even those who do think about issues such as retirement income often decide that there are better things to spend their money on in the here and now rather than stashing it away or investing it for decades to come.

However, as many people who have reached retirement age will confirm, the so called 'golden years' come around far quicker than most expect. Suddenly, that time when your regular income stops and pension payments kick in is here – and for those who have made no plans or provisions, times can start to get extremely tough.

There are many benefits that come with financial planning for your retirement, and the earlier you start your planning the more you will be able to enjoy the years when you are free from the shackles of the day to day grind. Some of the important benefits of financial planning for your retirement include:

Being able to enjoy greater financial security 

As most people know, the state pension doesn't go very far these days. With living costs soaring, those who retire could face a very bleak time if they only have their state pension to rely on. More and more pensioners these days are retiring with debt hanging around their necks, and this can make matters even worse. Many have to seek help from experts such as Consolidated Credit in order to try and ease their financial situations. When you have retirement funds to supplement your pension, you can look forward to far greater financial security without worrying about how you will pay bills and fund day to day living costs.

Being able to do what do you wish to do 

The golden years are the time when you should be able to do all those things you always wanted to do but never could due to work or family commitments. This could include things such as travelling the world, going to visit long lost friends and family members, or take up a range of hobbies. However, if you have no money the all of these things go out of the window and your retirement is anything but 'golden'. With proper financial planning you can look forward to doing all of these things and really making the most of your life at a time when you no longer have work or a young family to consider.

Financial freedom 

With the right level of retirement funding, you will not only benefit from greater financial stability but you will also enjoy greater financial freedom. When you have a good retirement income to rely on, going out once or twice a week for a nice meal is no longer the big issue it would have been if you had little money coming in to rely on. You can enjoy shopping and buying nice things for your home or yourself, and you can take the opportunity to splash out on little luxuries with plenty of time to enjoy them.

Some forward planning when it comes to your retirement funds can make a huge different to your quality of life at a time when you actually have time to live life to the full.

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Reasons To Use Credit Cards While Traveling

Summer is the peak season for travel with the kids out of school and families taking day trips to the country or once-in-a-lifetime vacations abroad to places like the United Kingdom, France, Turkey and Italy. The logistics of planning a trip out of the country requires detailed itineraries and bookkeeping to insure all the needs are met for an enjoyable, trouble-free time. Whether you’re planning for a globetrotting adventure or a budget conscious family trip, getting the most for your money is an important goal for travelers abroad no Credit Cardsmatter their level of experience or income.  Here are some important things to know about when using credit cards abroad that will help protect and save money.

Knowing the best time to travel to your selected destination and finding the best deals on lodging are obvious ways to cut the cost of travel. Others include scoping out the area in advance to plan an itinerary of sites to see and places to eat. A less conventional way of saving on international travel is to know what payment types to use. You will need to know how to make exchange rates work to your advantage or simplify the process by using a credit card.

Reasons to Use a Credit Card when You Travel
The most obvious reason to use a credit card anywhere you travel in the world is for the convenience. No need to worry about where you’ve stashed the cash or if you have enough. As with any credit card charge, if you allow the balance to incur interest charges, the conveniences you enjoy will come at a price. Pay the balance in full after the trip and the protections that come with using credit cards will be well worth it. Some benefits and protections are:

Zero-liability Policy: Say you paid for an exclusive hotel suite in advance as part of your travel arrangements but end up in a cheap rundown, motel room. If you paid with a credit card, you can withhold payment by contacting your credit card company. They will then notify the hotel of your dispute and explain that payment will not be made until the problem is resolved. In this case, reimbursement would be appropriate. It the dispute is never resolved, you are covered under the Fair Credit Billing Act and you’re responsible for only $50 of the charge.

Currency Conversion is Easier: Eliminating the issue of converting dollars into foreign currencies is a big reason many people opt to use credit cards exclusively when they travel abroad. To be the most beneficial, you’ll need to investigate whether the merchants and businesses of the country you’re visiting generally accept credit cards. Don’t go unprepared; bring a small amount of cash to be used only in case of emergencies where credit cards are not accepted.

Lost Luggage Reimbursement: While airlines are not the most consumer-friendly when it comes to the issue of lost luggage, many credit card companies offer helpful protections. Depending on the card you use, some will track the process of locating your luggage, while others will provide you with immediate reimbursement funds to purchase necessities while you wait for word on the lost luggage. A great protection when you find yourself far from home with nothing but the clothes on your back.

Protection against theft: The danger in paying for a trip with cash is that you’ll be vulnerable to theft without any recourse to recover your loss. Using credit cards while traveling provides a higher level of protection over cash and is one of the #1 reasons for using a credit card.

To maximize the benefits offered by credit card companies, you’ll want to use the right type of card. It’s easy to compare the best credit cards to help you choose the one that best fits your travel plans. Some have been designed to maximize rewards for specific airlines, hotels and retail outlets, while with others can help you earn flight upgrades and special services across the market. Here are things to look for when choosing a credit card for a trip abroad.

Foreign Transaction Fees – It wasn’t too long ago that nearly all credit cards charged foreign transaction fees for the privilege of buying on credit abroad and to cover the cost of converting to another currency. Many travelers were caught unaware when they saw a 2-3% fee added on their credit card statement for every purchase they made. Consumers loudly complained; and in recent years, more credit card companies have cut back or totally eliminated these fees. One of the biggest ways to save when using a credit card is by choosing one that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees.

Travel Rewards – While a general cash back card will generally reap 1% on the dollar, an airline credit card specifically designed for travelers will offer a bunch of extras. Purchase airfare with an airline-branded card and see substantially savings, upgrades, special offers and perks. If you’re already accumulating points or miles with this type of card, maybe it is time to redeem them for free airfare or other travel perks on your trip abroad.

Gasoline Cards – If you’ll be traversing the country in a car, a gas card will help keep the cost of fuel down by giving you a discount right at the pump. This is the type of card that makes sense to use in conjunction with a travel rewards card. While using two cards may seem counterintuitive, the savings can be substantial when the balance is paid in full at the end of the trip.

Interest Rates and Fees - Look for the lowest APR deal just in case you need to carry a short-term balance. Don’t take for granted that a card has no annual fee, as more companies are charging one, especially if there is potential for big rewards. Do a cost analysis on a variety of cards before choosing one.

Travel with Safety in Mind
By using a credit card when you travel, you will be protected against unauthorized use and only obligated to pay $50 of the total fraudulent charges. But the effort it will take to make things right is a good reason to be more vigilant when you travel. Crooks consider vacationers an easy target with all the distractions and excitement that comes from being in a new place that may lead to the temptation of letting your guard down. Rather than react to a crime after the dirty deed has been done, it’s wise to be proactive in order to help to prevent it in the first place. Be aware of your surroundings. Be protective of who handles your credit card to help prevent crooks from taking what belongs to you.

Going to an unfamiliar place has its risk, but by using a credit card designed for the way you plan to travel, you’ll enjoy the convenience while knowing you’re protected. Be sure you understand all the terms, fees and limits on any card you want to use before relying on it for your big trip abroad.

Vanessa May is a blogger and regular contributor to who prefers to write on finance related topics. She focuses her writing primarily on credit and debt, but also enjoys sharing tips on living a frugal lifestyle and money saving tips. She works hard to provide useful information to aide consumers with their finance and money management decisions.

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Handling Fast Cash Carefully

There are certain financial emergencies in life that might strike you in the most inopportune moments. An urgent car repair, or else a medical requirement might crop up any moment to catch you off guard- financially. Your pay day might be days away and you don't have time to explore any other resource to obtain cash from. handling fast cash Approaching payday loans might turn out to be of great help in these situations whereby you can apply for easy cash online. This type of financing is designed, keeping the urgency of borrowers, in view. You'll be able to get approved of these loans fast with minimum credentials whereby lenders won't even check your credit scores to sanction the loan.


Though the borrower doesn't need to furnish details regarding his credit history to lenders, he'll be required to provide basic personal details that include his age, and earning proofs:

  • He needs to be completed 18 years of age

  • He should have a regular earning ( where some companies will specify the minimum amount to sanction the loan)

  • He must have a saving or checking account while he has applied for the loan


Aside from the requirements mentioned above, there's almost nothing that you need to provide in terms of documents. Therefore it becomes easier to qualify. Once you qualify, the lender deposits the money in to your account within 24 – 48 hours so that you can attend to your needs immediately. Additionally if you fail to repay the loan on time, you might be given the chance to opt for a rollover. The availability of a number of lenders conducting business online ensures that you don't have to visit the loan offices personally in a bid to initiate talks. The loan document is generally very simple. But be on your guard against any kind of complacency. Don't sign the document without reading it properly. Go through each term and condition clearly and call the lender up in case of a query.

You might have come across websites claiming that short term financing can be dangerous owing to the high rates of interest associated with it and the existence of bogus companies in the market. While the high APR entails the danger of debt traps, providing sensitive information to fraudsters can be equally risky. However, in this regard, it might as well be mentioned that handling faxless payday loans requires a level of maturity whereby the borrower is able to weigh his needs and repayment capacity duly. Do know for a fact that if you're a student in need of fast cash, there will be no dearth of payday lenders willing to offer help. However you need to ensure that you're dealing with a secured website and that you're adopting due measures to avoid a rollover that may result in your expenses triggering out of control. It is crucial to keep yourself updated on other such features of short term financing. Keeping these factors in view, while applying for short term financing, ensures that you're settling for worthy deals.

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Securing Cost Effective Insurance Cover: Know More

In spite of several of its advantages, its very surprising to learn that the popularity of the relevant life policy is yet to reach its desired level. As per Legal & General's 2013 survey there are only 37 percent of the employers of the small business who are availing its benefits. If you are someone who is looking forward to setting up a death in service benefit of your employees you must check out whether you can qualify for a relevant life policy or not and secure it if you qualify. Therefore see for yourself whether you will be able to obtain the benefits or not.


The policy is particularly suited for the high earners, and directors, willing to arrange their own life insurance. They can be availed by employers of small businesses having lesser number of employees required to qualify for group life schemes. It is secured when the employer wants to set up a death in service benefit for his employees and is available to business owners trading through limited companies, limited liability partnership or partnerships. Sole traders can also obtain these policies.


The policy ceases to provide protection once the insured celebrates his 75th birthday. A trust is required to be set up (sometimes even before the policy is issued) in order to make the payouts to the family of the insured. Generally a critical illness or disability cover can't be added. Still if the insured wants he can check out if exceptions are made by certain companies are or not. Speaking more about the trust- the employer needs to sign the documents related to it and once it is set up generally all relevant dealings are done between the trust and the insurance carrier. The employer is definitely the initial trustee whereas the employee's spouse, other high officials of the company sponsoring the policy can be the additional trustees.

Why Relevant Life Cover be Chosen?

The relevant life policy is regarded as one of the most cost effective ways of offering a life assurance benefit for the employee as there are some substantial tax benefits allowed:

The employer receives Corporation Tax Relief as unlike the health insurance the premiums paid for the relevant life policy are not treated as benefit in kind. As a result, no income tax or national insurance is charged on the relevant life policy.

The benefits don't count towards the employee's allowance. This is not even included within the pension funds and as such high earning employees with substantial pension funds are particularly benefited.

Way to Choose a Cover

Since relevant life policy is a new type of cover in the market it remains necessary that you conduct due research in order to ensure that you are settling foir worthy deals. Consult multiple insurance carriers to know more about the features and judge their suitability. Take aid of the relevant life calculator to calculate the difference of costs of traditional life insurance and a relevant life cover.

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