Wednesday, 2 October 2013

CCL for Fathers is a demand for 7th Pay Commission

The introduction of the CCL or Child Care Leave was very much acceptable and the government of India showed that how much it considered the upcoming new generation. The mother of the child gets left for looking after their child when he or she is suffering from any illness or facing examination etc. But the sanction of CCL is as per the decision of the leave sanctioning authority.  So it is not compulsory to sanction CCL to an employee and the private institutions can barely refuse CCL. In such a CCL for fathersscenario there is a demand for CCL for fathers (male employees) also. If the father is a government employee he can avail CCL for such emergencies.

In the present social and economic conditions both husband and wife should work for the financial wellbeing of the family. So if wife is working in a private firm and husband is a government employee, they won’t get leave for such emergencies. If CCL is available for husband (CCL for fathers) he can take leave in such emergencies.

So  Child Care leave or CCL for fathers (Male employees) is a demand and we hope that the 7th Central pay commission will consider this seriously.

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