Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Expected DA & AICPIN (IW) for August 2013

All India Consumer Price Index Number for the month of August 2013 is 237. This shows two point increase from the AICPIN for July 2013. On July 2013 the AICPIN (IW) wasExpected DA & AICPIN (IW) for August 2013235 points. This time increasing price of food materials contributed to the major hike. Really it makes financial burden to all level of people. The price of almost all food materials is increased and the life of common people becomes more expensive.

The highest increasing trend of 8 points recorded in Jalpaiguri and Siliguri. As a result of this 2 points increase of AICPIN (IW) the DA (Dearness allowance) will show an increase of 3.93%. Then the calculation of total DA is 93.93%. But the Dearness allowance will be increased only twice a year with effect from January & July every year.

AICPIN for August 2103 is 237

AICPIN for July 2013 was 235

Difference in AICPIN for two months is 2

Increasing DA is 93.93

There will be an increasing trend of AICPIN every month.  We have to control our expenses by consuming seasonal food items and vegetables. Then only one can lead a financially balanced life. Let us wait for the next AICPIN (IW) which will be declared on 3ast October, 2013.

Expected DA & AICPIN (IW) for August 2013

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