Tuesday, 11 March 2014

5 Practical Uses For Your Tax Return

As Tax Day draws near, your tax return should be coming in soon, if it hasn’t already.  There’s always temptation to blow it all on something frivolous, but savvy spenders smartly put that money towards more practical uses.  Whether they get their car a new set of Nokian tires or replace their old dishwasher, there are plenty of things people can spend their tax return money on that don’t feel like wasting it.

Do Some Repairs or Remodel Your Home

Your home should be a place you can be proud of, but sometimes, it can be easy to neglect some things that you didn’t have the money to address in the past.  With a tax return, suddenly those things can find their way into your budget.  Whether you just need to fix a leaky roof or you’re planning a revamp to your kitchen, giving your home a makeover is always money well spent.

Fix Up Your Car

If you’re living in a temperate climate, your car has probably taken a beating for the past few months.  Between the snowfall and the salt on the roads (not to mention the potholes), cold weather is not too kind to automobiles.  If you’ve got yourself some money to spend thanks to your tax return, it’s always a good idea to make sure your car is running in tip-top shape.  Bringing your car in for a tune-up, an oil change, or even getting a set of brand new Nokian tires are just a few ways to restore your car to great health.

Further Your Education

College can be expensive.  Most people don’t get a four-year education’s worth of money on their return, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put that money to good use to further along your college career.  Adult education classes, especially those that offer certification for a certain skill, can be a valuable investment for your career.  The old saying is that it takes money to make money and that fact-of-life is more than appropriate in the pursuit of higher education.

Restock the Fridge

Is there any view more comforting than seeing a fridge that is stocked to the doors with food?  Feeding a family can be expensive, so when you come into some money, it’s never a bad idea to take it to the grocery store and get some food that will feed your family and that can help them eat healthy.  There’s no better time to get back into healthy eating than when the weather starts to warm, so luckily that also means that it’s time to reap the benefits of a year of paying taxes.

Revamp Your Wardrobe

While it may not sound like it’s all that practical, you can’t go anywhere without clothing, and having a wide wardrobe is even more important if you work in a corporate environment.  Dressing to impress goes a long way in the business world, so if you’re feeling like your wardrobe could use an upgrade, then there is no reason you cannot spend at least a little bit of money on some practical clothing.

In the end, your tax return money can be spent however you please.  Although that Jet Ski may be a tempting impulse buy, you may want to take stock of any needs that you can address.
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