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Why Is Britain Europe's Financial Centre?

It is pretty frightening to think that Britain is the financial centre of Europe considering that it is so small geographically. It is a testament to the success of our Empire and the remnants of it remain in our financial capacity. The world is changing yet Britain still remains at the top of the financial tree, there are financial HUBS such as Canary Wharf which if you visit are extremely impressive and revolutionary in my opinion.

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The role of Great Britain in the world economy is negligible compared to the larger countries but in regards to financial policy and banking Britain is certainly a world superpower.

This article will highlight what it is about Britain that has cemented its position at the head of world financial affairs and whether it will remain there for the near future.

The world is changing and it remains to be seen if Britain can confirm their financial superiority.


Britain is the financial centre of Europe for a variety of reasons and the most important of those reasons is the stability it boats. Stability in Britain is both infrastructural and governmental, this in turn has led to an increase in foreign investment and the number of companies from overseas backing the British financial markets and institutes.

In all honesty I don’t see this changing in the future, naturally Germany is a rival in a sense to Britain economically but it doesn’t really effect the fact that Britain is the HUB financially of Europe.
It is frightening to think that Britain has so much monetary fire power when as a country it is so small compared to the rest of the world but the banking industry is born upon trust and Britain has made a strong name for itself over the years for being stable, trustworthy and progressive.

Banking Presence

This is where the prominence of Britain comes from financially. There are so many large investment banks centered in London from which dealings with the rest of Europe are centred. London is still developing and the importance of the financial sector in this country particular is extremely high.
Bankers haven’t had the best of press in recent years nor have any companies in that sector but that is slowly changing. The introduction of new companies such as ACPI and the reintegration with existing institutions can only be a good thing.

The industry is progressing and moving forward and with that Britain is solidifying its position at the helm.

A History

The history if Britain is important when addressing this question. Britain, historically has been an imperial power and with that comes pressure to have a strong infrastructure back home in order to transfer that abroad. Britain has thus been the one of the leading proponents of financial stability since their empire began and it continued even after its fall.

The British empire was a relic of a past world but their historic strength financially has transcended many years and continues to do so in a way that reflects their bizarre imperial power.
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